Monday , 24 September 2018
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IT reaches for its full potential

During the last three months, my geographically diverse network of contacts, who represent over 15 vertical markets, has increasingly voiced concern that the management teams at many very visible global institutions appear to have lost their way with regards to creating value with IT. Some have forgotten critical lessons learned during IT’s formative years.

I asked the high performers in my network what they thought organizations needed to do to get back on track toward building an Ideal IT organization — an organization capable of delivering the full potential value of the digital technologies that define modern existence.

Three imperatives emerged: bring IT’s leaders into the inner circle of leadership, make information security a top-level concern, and recognize the centrality of technology in modern life and the modern enterprise. 

Digital excellence

A company’s board of directors defines the far edge of the potential value IT can create: A great board expands the value envelope, while a poor board reduces it. In other words, a great board is digitally competent. Unfortunately, there is a shocking lack of digital competence seated on boards of publicly traded companies today.

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