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iPhone X recover date, specs and price: Rumoured ‘iPhone X Plus’ illusory in renders

THE LONG AWAITED iPhone X is official, with a organisation phenomenon a 10th-anniversary device during a much-hyped Apple Event on Tuesday.

The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is a company’s initial smartphone to underline a full-screen display, as it sets a sights on a likes of a Galaxy Note 8. There’s also an all-new ‘Super Retina’ resolution, a reinforced potion pattern and support for wireless charging, with a iPhone X nearing with support for a Qi charging standard.

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We’ve dull adult all we know about a iPhone X below, and will refurbish this essay as shortly as we hear more. 

Release date
As expected, a iPhone X won’t be expelled during a same time as a new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, that will start shipping on 22 September.

Instead, Apple has announced that iPhone X pre-orders will start on 27 October, with shipping to start 3 November.

The iPhone X will be done accessible in 64GB and 256GB configurations, which will fetch £999 and £1,149 in a UK, respectively. Pricing in a US starts during $999. 

Apple will also make a handset accessible by its iPhone Upgrade Program, with monthly payments starting during £56.45.

Naturally, Carphone Warehouse has been discerning to announce that it’ll be stocking a 3 new iPhones, and pre-registration has kicked off for a iPhone X. It has also started holding pre-orders for a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus


EE will be offering a iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and has been discerning to launch a registration page for meddlesome customers. It will also be a usually UK network to offer a Apple Watch 3

O2 will be trimming both a iPhone 8 and iPhone X when pre-orders start on 15 Sep and 27 October, respectively. 

UK user Three has been discerning to announce that it will offer all 3 new iPhones but has nonetheless to cough on pricing details. 

Vodafone has reliable that it will offer a iPhone X, as good as both a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Interested business can register their seductiveness here.

Virgin Mobile has reliable that it will be offering a iPhone X, as good as Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets.

– 5.8in Super Retina (2436×1125) OLED edge-to-edge display
– New ‘all-glass’ pattern with IP67 certification
– 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, 179g
– Wireless charging support
– Apple A11 chip with Apple-designed GPU
– Face ID
iOS 11 with softened Siri, P2P payments
– Vertical 12MP twin cameras with OIS, 7MP front-facing camera
– Support for LTE speeds adult to 450Mbps
– Wireless charging/fast charging support
– Battery life quoted during 21 hours of speak time
– 64GB/256GB storage

Latest news
iDrop News has looked into a transparent round and illusory what a destiny of a iPhone X competence hold. A plus-sized indication is the answer, and a website has shown off what this competence demeanour like in renders (below). Er, unsurprisingly, it looks like a iPhone X yet bigger, and houses a same vitriolic nick during a tip of a display. According to rumours, Apple will launch during slightest twin OLED iPhones subsequent year, measuring in during 5.85in and 6.46in, respectively.


3/10/17: Ming-Chi Kuo can’t get adequate of articulate about a iPhone X, and has pronounced in a new investigate note that a smartphone’s TrueDepth camera complement is approach forward of a Android foe and approaching will estimates that it will take rivals ‘1.5-2.5 years’ to locate up. However, prolongation issues persist, and Kuo has lowered his estimates of iPhone X shipments in 2017 to 30-35 million units from a prior guess of 40 million.

2/10/17: Apple ain’t a usually leader if a flagship iPhone X sells well, as it turns out that Samsung will make $110 (around £82) per device sold. That’s according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research conducted for The Wall Street Journal, that says that as Samsung reserve OLED displays for a iPhone X – along with batteries and capacitors – a organisation “is approaching to acquire about $4bn some-more in income creation collection for a iPhone X than from a collection it creates for a possess flagship Galaxy S8 handset.”

2/10/17: Apple has released an environmental report bigging adult a immature certification of a iPhone X. For example, it boasts that a smartphone’s materials are giveaway from a likes of arsenic, mercury and PVC, and records that 100 per cent of wrapping fibres “are sourced from responsibly managed forests, bamboo, rubbish sugarcane, or recycled paper.” The association calculates that a sum estimated hothouse gas emissions for a iPhone X over a whole lifecycle are 79kg CO2e, of that 80 per cent is during production, 17 per cent in use, 2 per cent ride and 1 per cent recycling.

29/9/17: Punters after an iPhone X competence not be means to find batch until “January during a earliest”, according to researcher Gene Munster. This is due to prolongation hold-ups, that progressing this week were blamed on Apple’s ‘complex’ camera complement used for Face ID authentication. Jan Dawson, an researcher during Jackdaw Research, predicts that iPhone X batch won’t to be means to accommodate direct until “sometime in a initial quarter”. 

28/9/17: Apple has released some-more sum about a iPhone X’s Face ID functionality in a bid to residence some of a remoteness concerns surrounding a face-scanning tech. For example, a organisation points out that information collected by Face ID – including infrared images of your mop – won’t be stored on your device, and records that images are also cropped to equivocate grabbing credentials info. Apple also points out several instances when Face ID won’t work, including when your phone has usually been switched on, where there have been 5 catastrophic attempts to compare a face or if we trigger a Emergency SOS feature. 

27/9/17: Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, used for face approval on a iPhone X, could be holding adult production. So says reputable researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, who records that a “complex” complement is a reason Apple is struggling to grasp mass production, and approaching a reason a device will be in brief supply until subsequent year.

Kuo said, around MacRumours: “TrueDepth camera competence be categorical prolongation bottleneck of iPhone X ramp. The 3D intuiting (TrueDepth camera) on iPhone X is stoical of a structured-light system, time-of-flight complement and a front-facing camera, that represents a distant some-more formidable structure than those of rivals. It will, therefore, be harder to grasp mass production. While we devise iPhone X will see outlay ramp adult meaningfully in mid/ late October, parsimonious supply competence usually start to palliate in 1H18F due to clever demand.”

26/9/17: Apple’s Tim Horton, a member of a firm’s WebKit team, has urged web developers to welcome a iPhone X’s surprising ‘notch’ cutout. In a post on Friday, he insists that “content is automatically inset within a display’s protected area so it is not vaporous by a dull corners”, and has offering adult tips on how to scrupulously build websites for a iPhone X to safeguard that calm isn’t  be vaporous by a sensor housing, home indicator, or dull corners.

25/9/17: Apple’s iPhone X competence not be means to support Gigabit LTE, according to reports. While a teardown of a iPhone 8 suggested a Qualcomm X16 modem with Gigabit LTE support, Apple has also done some units with an Intel modem that isn’t versed to support a super quick speeds. 

21/9/17: The iPhone X could face serve delays, according to Raymond James chip researcher Christopher Caso. He writes a prolongation of a handset approaching hasn’t nonetheless begun, and records that it could be strike by serve prolongation delays. Caso said: “While a checks are ongoing, initial feedback from a meetings suggests that final prolongation of iPhone X has not nonetheless begun, with prolongation approaching to embark in mid-October. That prolongation start is about a month after when compared to expectations a month ago, and about twin months after than expectations during a finish of June.”

20/9/17: While many have bemoaned a iPhone X’s £999 price-tag, Apple CEO Tim Cook has pronounced that it’s a “value price” formed on a record inside a phone. Speaking on Good Morning America this week, Cook said: “Most people are now profitable for phones over prolonged durations of time, and so really few people will compensate a cost tab of a phone initially. Also many people indeed trade in their stream phone, and so that reduces a cost further, and some carriers even chuck in subsidies and discounts.” Er. 

19/9/17: KGI researcher Ming-Chi Kuo has pronounced that Apple approaching won’t be means to accommodate direct for a iPhone X until subsequent year, with supply set to be “limited” in 2017. In a note seen by MacRumours, Kuo said: “Due to supply constraints, we design marketplace direct won’t be wholly met before 1H18. We correct down a foresee for 2017F iPhone X shipments from 45-50 million to around 40 million units, yet we, therefore, correct adult a 2018 iPhone X conveyance guess to 80-90 million units.”

15/9/17: Apple’s Face ID record will support usually one purebred face per device, TechCrunch reports. This could be an emanate for some that have a fingerprints of their partner, or kids, purebred on their stream iPhone, with inclination now ancillary adult to 5 fingerprints per device.

14/9/17: Apple has oral out about a Face ID destroy (below) it suffered on Tuesday and has blamed a glitch on a lockout resource that was triggered by awkward staff doing a device. A association orator told Yahoo: “People were doing a device for [the] theatre demo forward of time and didn’t realize Face ID was perplexing to substantiate their face.

“After unwell a series of times, since they weren’t Craig [Federighi], a iPhone did what it was designed to do, that was to need his passcode.”

12/9/17: The iPhone X is central and is Apple’s initial smartphone to container an edge-to-edge screen, yet unfortunately, rumours of the notch cut out during a tip of a shade were also on a money. 

The handset’s supposed ‘Super Retina’ OLED arrangement measures in during 5.8 and facilities a 2436×1125 resolution, creation it a tip fortitude iPhone to date. It also facilities Apple’s True Tone arrangement tech and, much like a new Apple TV, supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.


This shade sits inside a new ‘all-glass’ chassis, identical to that seen on a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. While you’ll substantially have to put it in a box to forestall shattering, Apple claims this is a many durable potion to underline on a smartphone yet.

There’s also a same A11 Bionic processor underneath a hood. This six-core CPU is divided into twin low-performance cores and 4 high-performance cores, with a unchanging cores being 25 per cent faster than a prior A10 chip, and a high-performance cores being adult to 75 per cent faster than a A10 SoC. It also comes interconnected with Apple’s initial homegrown GPU, that offers 30 per cent some-more opening than a A10.

Naturally, given a phone’s all-screen front, there’s no earthy home button. This means that Apple, as expected, has dumped Touch ID functionality, replacing it with ‘Face ID’ face approval technology.

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This is enabled by a garland of sensors on a front of a phone, including a 7MP ‘TrueDepth’ camera, and a A11 chip’s built-in neural engine, and Apple claims that it’ll work even in dim conditions and if we change your appearance. It’s flattering secure too, according to a firm, that claims that there’s a ‘one in a million’ possibility of somebody, er, spoofing your face.

Apple has also introduced a new swiping adult gesticulate to go ‘home’ on a iPhone, that is also used for multitasking on a iPhone X. The tighten symbol on a side of a handset can now be used to glow adult Siri. 

As expected, on a back of a iPhone sits a vertically-aligned 12MP twin camera, comprising of twin telephoto and wide-angle lenses. There’s also a new Portrait Lighting mode for holding selfies, and visual picture stablisation built-in.


Wireless charging is included, with a iPhone X ancillary a same Qi wireless charging customary as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, that means business will be means to use third-party charging accessories. Apple gave a hide rise at, naturally, a possess AirPower wireless charging pad that will be entrance subsequent year.

There’s also been a boost to battery life, with Apple claiming twin hours some-more battery life than a iPhone 7 before it.

Oh, yeah, and there’s Animoji. What a time to be alive.

The iPhone X, or 10, whatever, will be accessible in Space Grey and Silver. 

Older news and rumours
KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has ‘confirmed’, around 9to5Mac, that a supposed iPhone X, along with a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, will support wireless preliminary charging standards, that means that business will be means to use third-party charges to take advantage of a feature. She also records that Apple’s possess wireless charging appendage won’t be prepared during launch. 

EE has combined weight to this rumour, carrying currently launched a new wireless charging gold that allows business to supplement a Qi horse to their plan. 

12/8/17: Apple has combined a new mail-in choice to a iPhone Upgrade Program for US punters. Spotted by MacRumours, a new choice will capacitate those upgrading to an iPhone 8 to mail their aged smartphone to Apple regulating a firm’s Trade-in Kit, negating a need to revisit a earthy Apple Store. 

11/9/17: In what some are job one of a “biggest leaks of all time, Apple has leaked a Golden Master (GM) chronicle of iOS 11. The information was done accessible by an Apple employee, according to blogger John Gruber.

The leak, according to 9to5Mac, reveals that a firm’s new flagship smartphone will arrive as a ‘iPhone X’ and will launch alongside a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. 

Besides a name of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, a iOS 11 trickle also confirms that facial recognition, dubbed ‘Face ID’, support is entrance (below), that is approaching to reinstate a Touch ID on a supposed iPhone X. 


Other new facilities outed in a trickle include, er, charcterised emoji (or ‘Animoji’) support, a Portrait Lighting mode for holding improved selfies, True Tone Display and a rejigged tighten symbol that will concede users to correlate with Apple Pay and Siri in a deficiency of a earthy home button. References to new Apple AirPods and a LTE-equipped Apple Watch have also cropped adult in this huge leak.

8/9/17: The Wall Street Journal (paywalled) reports that “glitches” in a prolongation of a iPhone 8 could lead to supply shortages and delays in shipping following a smartphone’s phenomenon subsequent week. The prolongation glitches reportedly behind a prolongation routine by about a month, sources ‘familiar with a matter’ told a newspaper.

7/9/17: German website Macerkopf claims that pre-orders iPhone 8 pre-orders will flog off on 15 September, adding weight to a prior trickle pleasantness of Evleaks. According to progressing rumours, a handset will arrive on shelves a week after on 22 September. 

6/9/17: A unsure video, via Reddit, allegedly shows off off a organic iPhone 8 usually days before a central unveiling. The dark, becloud shave doesn’t give many away, yet does seem to ‘confirm’ that a handset will competition a bezel-less arrangement with an (ugly) nick cut out during a tip of a screen. Some are speculating that a video is a fake, and, er, fingers crossed.

5/9/17: Prolific tipster Benjamin Geskin has tweeted purported pricing details for a iPhone 8. He claims that a entry-level 64GB indication will fetch $999 (around £775), while 256GB and 512GB variants will fetch $1,099 (£850) and $1,119 (£930), respectively. This matches adult with prior conjecture that this year’s iPhone will be Apple’s many costly to date and a initial to pass a $1,000 mark.

4/9/17: Adding weight a rumours that Apple will embankment a normal home symbol on a iPhone 8, developer Guilherme Rambo claims that users will instead be means to activate Siri by holding a smartphone’s energy button. 

Notorious Twitter tipster Evan Blass has tweeted that a iPhone 8 approaching will arrive as a ‘iPhone X’. Blass has also pronounced that, following a phenomenon on 12 September, a supposed iPhone 8 will be accessible to pre-order from 15 September, and will start shipping on a 22nd. 

29/08/17: Japanese wiring site Macotakara claims that a iPhone 8 will finally offer wireless charging, yet that Apple is formulation a exclusive turn on a Qi customary to safeguard that usually Apple-approved charging pads can be used with a devices. What’s more, a site suggests that Apple will shorten a wireless charging to usually 7.5W – half a wattage upheld by a Qi standard. That’ll meant that Apple inclination will assign many some-more s-l-o-w-l-y – half as fast to be precise. It should also come with a beefier battery -around 2700 mAh or more, according to reports. 

25/8/17: Got a gangling grand knocking about? Because that’s what a iPhone 8 competence cost, according to The New York Times. It’s not a new rumour, yet given how tighten we are to launch it makes it firmer. This will be a reward model, it reports, yet it isn’t wholly transparent what a additional money indeed buys. That “grand” incidentally, is in dollars – or $999 to be accurate – that in Her Majesty’s bruise argent will substantially proportion to, err, £999 or almost (inc. VAT). 

24/8/17: Apple will betray a iPhone 8 on 12 September, according to Mac4Ever, that allegedly perceived acknowledgment from telecoms companies. Separately, a post on Weibo claims that a smartphone will be done accessible in a new 512GB ability option, with all models set to container 3GB RAM. 

23/8/17: According to the Korea Herald, a iPhone 8’s much-rumoured facial approval complement will be a handset’s “crown jewel”. The news claims that a tech will work in “just a few hundred milliseconds” and that it will reinstate Apples Touch ID sensor. The Korea Herald adds that adding 3D sensors will be adopted for a front and back of a device to “realise AR applications, that confederate 3D practical images with user’s sourroundings in genuine time.”


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