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iPhone of the dreams: The fixes and facilities Apple contingency deliver


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The iPhone is America’s favorite smartphone device, and in a 10 years it has been out, Apple has been extravagantly successful with it as a essential business and device/application ecosystem. But as with any mature platform, there is sadness or debase that can be introduced over time with a appearance of new facilities and some-more formidable code.

dear apple

iOS is now a poisonous hellstew

iOS is now a poisonous hellstew

You know what they contend about karma.

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Here are a things we’d like to see in destiny versions of iOS and a iPhone hardware to make a iPhone good again…

User knowledge annoyances

One of a things about a iOS user knowledge (UX) that has angry us given a unequivocally commencement — and usually became worse when app groups were introduced — is a complexities of organizing launch icons, anticipating apps, and stealing them from a home screen.

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For those of us with many apps widespread over mixed home shade pages, if we don’t remember what a app is called (you can use a lift down to hunt duty if we remember what it is called, though we can usually launch an app, not adjust settings or undo it), you’ll find yourself scrolling by pages of things and poking around in all your home shade groups.

This is utterly frustrating if we wish to uninstall an app that we remember a name of, can’t find it in a UX, and wish to uninstall it.

The other choice is to go to Settings menu General iPhone Storage to get a list of apps, that we can afterwards click into if we wish to indeed uninstall it. You can also use iTunes, though we all hatred that thing for this purpose.

But do we know what would be better? An alphabetical, scrollable list perspective of apps that we can toggle on and off from a categorical screen. And we should be means to uninstall an app or go into Settings for permissions and notifications directly from that screen, and classify them into a groups we wish them to reside in.

The Microsoft Launcher indeed implements this intensely well, and we rarely suggest it if we have an Android device.

For those of us who have iPhone inclination that support it (iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X) does anyone indeed use 3D Touch on a unchanging basis? we certain as heck don’t. That’s since it isn’t apparent that apps indeed support it over “Share,” and many people substantially don’t indeed know how to rightly use it.

iOS 12 with a concentration on opening and stability

Smarter Siri

Apps that work opposite iOS and macOS

HomePod mini

New AirPods

We need some kind of indicator that an icon/app has 3D Touch menus or options enabled, or during a unequivocally least, an index in a Settings menu of commissioned apps that have 3D hold support.

And maybe supplement a Settings area, where in further to force sensitivity, we can capacitate tooltips or even configure that 3D Touch menu options cocktail adult when an app idol that supports it is invoked.

Did we even know that we can transparent all notifications in a categorical presentation shade by 3D Touch dire on a (x) symbol instead of dismissing them on a unwieldy day-by-day basis? Neither did we until recently.

Let’s not forget all a settings and controls. we know we am not a usually one who feels a Control Center and a Settings menu have turn an comprehensive involved mess. There has to be a approach a association can facilitate a UX.

Control Center is now a confused arrangement of widgets and settings mostly requires 3 or some-more clicks to get to whatever is needed. That is usually bad UX design.

Bulk print deletions are a pain

How many of we have left out of your mind perplexing to giveaway adult storage from an iPhone that is totally full of photos?

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One resolution is to buy an iCloud storage comment that is large adequate to hoop your backups. You can also use services like Google Photos and Microsoft OneDrive, that can be used to giveaway adult space and backup photos to your cloud accounts as we take them.

But if we don’t have these services and don’t use them religiously, we might find yourself with 128GB or 256GB of photos and videos on your device we need to dump during a many untimely time.

And if you’ve indeed attempted to use a Photos app built into iOS to collection undo thousands (tens of thousands, even) of exposures during once, you’ll notice iOS tends to crash, hard. Then, try to dull a Deleted Files area with a Storage settings. Good fitness with that, too.

There’s an whole lodge attention of apps we can download that support with this, though many of them aren’t that quick either.

You can also use iTunes by joining your phone to your PC or a Mac, that is also no fun.

Apple needs to make this routine easier. Way easier.

CarPlay is usually not good

If we are propitious adequate to have a car with CarPlay, you’ll quick notice usually how singular a functionality is in Apple’s try during automotive systems integration.

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Not usually are we now forced into Apple Maps, since a association hasn’t non-stop adult CarPlay to companies like Google or Waze or Garmin — and a list of accessible focus calm providers is singular during best — though we also can't offshoot into a car’s radio control complement for things like SiriusXM, that we have to leave a CarPlay UX in sequence to control.

That kind of defeats a purpose of CarPlay, for carrying one mirror of potion to control a car’s systems and app services.

Third-party browsers and services formation desperately needed

Having a singular CarPlay is stinky. Do we know what is even worse? Being stranded with Apple’s doing of WebKit (Safari) as a browser engine.

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Yes, there are versions of Microsoft Edge and Chrome for iOS, though they are unequivocally usually Safari and WebKit as skins and don’t indeed describe anything differently or make use of those engines confidence enhancements on other platforms such as they do Windows and Android.

And while we are during it, if we are going to concede choice browser engines to be used, we should assent a use of intelligent assistants during a API level, not usually as apps.

Allow us to switch a default partner to Cortana, Google Assistant, or Alexa if we wish — or have it so Siri uses them as selectable back-end services along with a analogous hunt engine, if a businessman has created a provider for it.

In further to easier bulk deletion, we consider it is irritating to have to compensate Apple additional income for iCloud backups when many of us compensate for additional storage or get it with a Google, Amazon, and Microsoft accounts.

Cloud backups of apps and photos should be vendor-neutral, and Apple should be operative with all those vendors to yield a API support for encrypted backups so that anyone can redeem their device from any cloud storage of their choice.

Yes, any of these have third-party apps for print backups, though API turn formation with iOS would be so many better.

If we have 1TB of OneDrive, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive, it would be good to be means to use any of these instead of profitable Apple a reward to do storage recovery.

How about us Windows users?

Apple Mac OS X users are propitious adequate to have parsimonious formation with iOS when it comes to notifications support. If we boot notifications on a Mac, it also does it on a iOS device, and vice-versa.

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All this is finished with Continuity, that also improves a hand-off knowledge between inclination for apps, documents, and websites.

Windows users are not so lucky, nonetheless Microsoft is perplexing to assuage this problem with theAction Center in Windows 10.

By downloading Cortana and Edge for your iOS (and Android) devices, in Windows 10 we can have some — though not all — of a knowledge that Mac users get with Continuity. It isn’t perfect, however. You can get notifications from your inclination and palm off a websites we perspective on Edge for iOS to a PC, though a support is not bidirectional.

If we boot notifications on Windows, they aren’t discharged on a iOS device, and if we boot them in iOS, they aren’t discharged in Windows. So, if we have been operative on your PC all day and haven’t looked during your iPhone in a few hours, you’ll be greeted with a whole disaster of notifications we need to dismiss. Suck.

How can this be fixed? Apple needs to yield bi-directional notifications API formation on iOS for companies like Microsoft, so they can yield improved support to end-users. Or, even better, Apple needs to concur with Microsoft to furnish a full-blown chronicle of Continuity for Windows 10.

iTunes is garbage

iTunes was bad even when a iPad was expelled in 2010. In a final 8 years, it has turn gradually worse.

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Why contingency we continue to be saddled with this definitely awful, bequest square of program trash? Bloated and buggy, this stays a usually approach to entrance and repository your song library, if you’ve bought into Apple’s song and device ecosystem.

It’s also a usually approach to behind adult your iOS inclination apps and settings or revive them as good though profitable Apple additional income for iCloud space. So, unless we are committed to tough resets, we’re all stranded with this thing.

It needs a sum rewrite on Mac OS and Windows, or a distributed cloud services deputy that runs in a web browser.

We wish a Game Center back

Remember Game Center — a built-in focus that iOS had for 6 years until Apple unceremoniously killed it in 2016?

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Game Center was a good place for tracking that games we common in common with your friends and authorised we to see a leaderboard of how we were doing contra of how your friends were doing, in further to a ability to plea them to diversion matches on apps we had in common.

After Apple private it from iOS, it became a lot harder to tell that games your friends were regulating and to figure out how to entice them to a diversion challenge.

Game Center was indeed one of a things iOS did a lot improved than Google. It needs to move it back, revamped for iOS 11.X

Tone down a hellstew

I can't contend this adequate times: Apple now needs to combine on fortitude above all other things with iOS.

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Everyone hoped during a beta cycle 11.3 would be a “good” chronicle of iOS 11. But we went by 6 open betas, and a recover chronicle still as crash-prone and stuttery as ever. At this point, it is beta contrast 11.4, and it is a crashy mess.

The iPhone X is a apex of smartphone hardware tech. But it’s bogged down by a horrendously dangerous mobile OS. If Apple has ever had a Vista moment when it comes to a program growth cycle, we could make a unequivocally good box that it is function to it right now.

To me, reduction is some-more in a smartphone or tablet. we wish it to do a simple tasks well. we wish to be means to rest on it as my primary communications and discriminate device. we wish it to be fast. we wish my apps not to pile-up when we need them a most.

Innovation and pulling a pouch is great. But during some point, we all usually wish a simple things to work though floating adult in a faces.

If a association needs a growth priority, we would contend frozen facilities and creation iOS 11.4 as plain as probable needs to be positively during a tip of a list.

Give us a plain “it usually works” mobile handling complement back, Apple. Please.

I can consider of during slightest 10 some-more things Apple needs to repair on a flagship device. Browse a rest of a list and let me know what I’ve missed…





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