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iPhone 8 vs Pixel 2: Battle of a smaller flagship phones

Five-inch and smaller phones are a failing breed. From a iPhone X to a Note 8, it seems like everybody wants bigger and bigger phablets nowadays, and 6-inch displays are vastly apropos a new norm.

But for during slightest one some-more year, twin of a best best we can buy have 4.7- and 5-inch screens: a iPhone 8 and Pixel 2. But how do they smoke-stack adult opposite any other? Let’s take a look:

iPhone 8 vs Pixel 2: Size

pixel 2 front backGoogle

The Pixel 2 has flattering vast bezels—bigger than a iPhone 8’s in fact.

As prolonged as Apple keeps a home symbol next a screen, a iPhone 8 isn’t about to get most smaller. But a Pixel 2’s bezels are usually as big, in fact they’re a tiny bigger:

  • iPhone 8: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm
  • Pixel 2: 145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8mm

It’s tough to contend because a Pixel has such vast tip and bottom bezels, though it does have front-facing stereo speakers above and next a screen. Neither phone is going to win any pattern awards in 2017, though they’re both tiny adequate to absolutely fit in a behind slot or a purchase bag.

iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2: Screen

iphone 8 colorsApple

The iPhone 8 doesn’t have an AMOLED shade like a iPhone X, though it’s still flattering great.

The iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 demeanour similar, though their screens are indeed utterly different:

  • iPhone 8: 4.7-inch, 1334 x 750 LCD, 326 ppi
  • Pixel 2: 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 AMOLED, 441ppi

The Pixel 2’s arrangement is a tiny bigger than a iPhone 8’s with a somewhat aloft pixel density. Plus, it uses AMOLED shade record to move clear colors and low blacks. But a iPhone 8 is no slouch. The iPhone 7 arrangement was given stellar marks, and a 8’s is even better, with Apple’s True Tone record that adjusts a tone and liughtness to compare a lighting around you.

iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2: Performance

Both phones underline best-in-class processors for their particular ecosystem: a Snapdragon 835 in a Pixel 2 and Apple’s A11 Bionic chip in a iPhone 8. Both chips offer considerable opening and energy efficiency, and with entirely optimized OSes, both phones will be impressively fast. Benchmarks competence preference a iPhone 8, though make no mistake: a Pixel 2 is a screamer.

iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 3: Battery

pixel 2 backGoogle

The Pixel 2 has a most incomparable battery than a iPhone 8.

On paper, a Pixel 2 clearly outpaces a iPhone 8 when it comes to battery capacity:

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