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iPhone 8 review: More of a same, though improved in only about each way

iPhone 8 Plus Review

Bigger is better, though not for many longer

Bigger is better, though not for many longer

Boasts some imagination new camera tricks that make it attractive… for now.

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Apple’s newest iPhone is here, accessible now. The iPhone 8 is a important alleviation over final year’s indication though is overshadowed by a iPhone X, accessible later. It’s formidable to demeanour during a device that, from a outside, looks matching to iPhones of a past, with a unconventional looking iPhone X already unveiled.

Instead of looking into a future, let’s take a demeanour during one of a iPhones Apple is shipping right now – a iPhone 8.

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If you’re looking for a examination of a iPhone 8 Plus, we can find it here. There’s a lot of overlie between a twin devices, with this examination focusing on those areas, and a 8 Plus examination focusing on facilities specific to that device.



Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

From a front, a iPhone 8 looks matching to a iPhone 7, and for that matter mostly a same to a iPhone 6 and 6S before it. That means a same 4.7-inch display, with a earthy home symbol on a bottom, and an earpiece along with sensor cutout along a top. The right side is a wake/unlock button, with a left side housing a volume up/down buttons as good as a tongue-tied switch.

It’s not until we flip a phone over until and see a potion behind that we truly comprehend a iPhone 8 isn’t an comparison model. The iPhone 8 is so matching to a iPhone 7, in fact, that many iPhone 7 cases will work on a iPhone 8.

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By regulating a potion back, Apple not usually rather altered a demeanour of a pattern that’s quick flourishing tired, though it enabled a association to supplement wireless charging (more on that in a bit).

I find a potion behind to be smooth, and rather slippery. And if there are twin things we never wish to put together on a phone, it’s firm to be potion and slippery. A potion behind is firm to mangle when dropped, and it’s costly to replace. That said, I’m never one to use cases for some-more than a day or two, and we don’t devise on doing so with a iPhone 8.


As is typically a box with any new iPhone, Apple also introduced a new A-series processor. The A11 Bionic boasts 6 cores, 4 are dedicated to common tasks such as checking email and browsing a web. The remaining twin cores are designed to maximize performance, in sold during graphics complete processes such as gaming and protracted reality.

The 4 potency cores of a A11 Bionic yield a same computing energy as Apple’s A8 chip, though during one-third of a compulsory power.

Reviewing inclination and quantifying opening gains is always a ethereal change of expressing daily use and viewed speed boosts. we mentioned in my initial hands-on with a new iPhones felt faster, and that we designed on going behind to a iPhone 7 Plus to verify.

I’ve finished usually that, and a disproportion is even some-more pronounced. The iPhone 8 is much, many faster than a prior era iPhone and it’s not even close.

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My one dispute about altogether opening is some-more focused on iOS 11 than it is on a iPhone 8 itself. we have gifted issues with a device soothing restarting itself after interacting with notifications from a close screen, as good as pointless instances of shade revolution not scrupulously working.

I’m now regulating iOS 11.0.1 on a iPhone 8, and devise on installing a open beta of iOS 11.1 after this examination is live for serve testing.

I gifted a same issues on my iPhone 7 Plus and a iPhone 8, so we know it’s not specific to one device.

Augmented Reality

Speaking of performance, with a recover of iOS 11 Apple has combined protracted existence capabilities to millions of inclination around a world. The iPhone 8 lineup is a initial set of Apple inclination built with this underline in mind.

I used and tested several AR apps during my time with a iPhone 8, and found it as fascinating and considerable as it is boring.

Don’t get me wrong, a ability to accurately magnitude a room or intent regulating my phone’s camera is something we once scoffed during being possible. But a stream state of protracted apps and games in a App Store is an contentment of single-use scenarios.

Take a IKEA app that lets we place opposite seat and domicile equipment in a vital space to get an thought of how it would look. It’s neat, though once we have a furniture, you’re not expected to go behind into a app and emporium for another couch. That’d be distant too expensive.

Star and world mapping app Sky Guide is, so far, a usually app we can see myself and others entrance behind to time and time again. The app has always mapped out a sky above, including constellations, planets, and stars. With a recover of iOS 11, however, Sky Guide now precisely overlays a accurate plcae of any object regulating AR. It’s fascinating and educational.

I consider my complaints about a stream state of AR on iOS boils down to regulating a smartphone as a screen. Holding adult a phone and looking during visitor robots battling for leverage on my kitchen list while walking in circles, pinching and zooming on a tiny shade to pierce objects singular and cumbersome.

Now, if Apple were to build a span of protracted existence eyeglasses we could control with my voice and use gestures to manipulate objects in front of me as it overlaid objects, well, we consider that would be intriguing.

I’m not perplexing to take divided from what Apple has finished with iOS 11 and bringing protracted existence to users who would not differently find it out will usually assistance pull AR apps and use cases into a mainstream. we usually consider there’s a lot some-more work to be finished before it goes over singular use cases.

Battery life and wireless charging

Battery life of a iPhone 8 matches my knowledge with a iPhone 7 before it. With a iPhone 8, powering by an whole day of use isn’t unreasonable. On days of quite complicated use, a need to assign for a few mins isn’t unusual.

The genuine news with a iPhone 8 lineup in propinquity to a battery is a further of wireless and quick charging. There are twin wireless charging standards, Qi and PMA. Apple adopted a former customary for a iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Meaning, any stream Qi wireless charging pad should work with a new iPhones.

To be clear, it’s not a totally wireless solution. The pad still needs to have energy regulating to it, so there’s a cord involved. However, to assign an iPhone, we usually need to place it on a charging pad and it will start charging.


An iPhone 8 Plus charging in RAVPower’s Fast Wireless Charging Pad.

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Apple enclosed Belkin’s BoostUp charging pad with my examination units, and we also used RAVPower’s Fast Wireless Charging Pad during my time with a devices. Both pads have a standing light to let we know when a phone is placed on it to prove it’s charging, and are able of providing adult to 7.5W of charging power. Currently, however, Apple has singular a iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to 5W wireless charging.

A destiny program update, potentially iOS 11.1, will capacitate faster wireless charging of 7.5W.

In other words, right now both iPhones assign during a same rate as a Lightning connector and wall adapter that’s enclosed with a phones.

Wireless charging is one of these facilities I’ve always enjoyed regulating with Android inclination for a elementary fact that it’s seamless. Place your phone down and it charges. You don’t have to consider about it.

For example, on my table is a wireless charging pad. It’s where we place my phone – regardless of form – when I’m working. we no longer consider about where a phone goes, and a side outcome of something we naturally do is that it charges any concordant phone. And now a iPhone is combined to a list of inclination that will stay charged.

Alongside a new iPhones Apple announced a possess charging pad. The AirPower Mat won’t start shipping until early 2018, though it adds support for charging 3 inclination during once – something stream Qi pads lack. Apple will start offered a new wireless charging concordant box for AirPods, and a Apple Watch Series 3 is concordant with Qi charging to use with a AirPower Mat.






Another power-related underline Apple has combined to a iPhone 8 is quick charging. With quick charging, a iPhone 8 can see as many as 50-percent of a assign in usually 30 minutes. Keep in mind that’s with a battery that’s scarcely drained, and when regulating Apple’s 29W wall adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Neither of that are enclosed with a iPhone.

Frustrating, no doubt. we happened to have a 29W wall adapter and a correct wire due to a iPad Pro lineup carrying quick charging, and we got sleepy of watchful several hours for my iPad to go from dull to full. Apple’s estimates are accurate, with a normal battery advantage in 30 mins being in line with a 50-percent estimate.

The cost to get a matching setup is a smallest of $75, depending on a length of a USB-C wire we buy. It’s a contrition Apple doesn’t embody a correct hardware in a box with any iPhone, as it’s certainly something users will advantage from and appreciate.

For now, during least, quick charging is an discretionary underline you’re going to have to compensate additional to use.



Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

With many people’s categorical camera being a smartphone he or she always has nearby, it creates clarity for Apple to continue to stress a updates it creates any year in this area. For this year, a iPhone 8 stays with a singular 12-megapixel sensor. The FaceTime, or front-facing camera, is 7-megapixels. Don’t let a numbers dope you, this isn’t a same camera Apple used in a iPhone 7.

There’s now a larger, faster sensor, with visual picture stabilization for clearer pictures. Apple has also combined a new peep and delayed sync setup to softened irradiate and constraint objects in low light environments. There’s also a new picture vigilance processor built into Apple’s A11 Bionic processor and Apple’s possess video encoder.

All of these terms, processors, and encoders mix to emanate a twin best smartphone camera setups I’ve privately used. Prior to regulating a iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus), my go to smartphone camera was a latest Samsung Galaxy device. Starting with a Galaxy S7, we felt a quality, tone reproduction, and sharpness prisoner by Samsung’s smartphones was higher to that of a iPhone lineup.

With a iPhone 8, I’ve gifted unchanging print peculiarity over what we can constraint with Samsung’s smartphone lineup. The volume of time to focus, a contrast, sharpness, and tone riposte have all been softened opposite a board.

The iPhone 8 Plus has a softened camera than a iPhone 8 interjection it a twin camera setup and combined program tricks, though it’s usually slightly. Anyone regulating an iPhone 8 to constraint changed photos of kids flourishing adult won’t be unhappy with a results.

Boring for some, new to others


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Take a faster processor, a rather updated design, an softened camera, and some new charging tricks and it all adds adult to a iPhone 8. But is it adequate to convince iPhone loyalists to hang with Apple? Or what about those Android users who are tempted by Apple’s ecosystem and palliate of use?

I’m not so sure. With a difference of wireless charging, Apple has used a matching recipe for a past 4 iPhone releases. A slight change here, alleviation here, and bam a new iPhone.

Apple’s proceed has worked, though as we mentioned earlier, it’s flourishing tired.

With a iPhone X, Apple has finally damaged that mold and we consider it’s going to attract copiousness of translates and loyalists alike.

But what if you’re one of those who doesn’t caring for a iPhone X’s design, or wish something that costs $999 or more? The iPhone 8 is a inestimable ascent if you’re entrance from anything comparison than a iPhone 7. Those who have a iPhone 7, I’d advise possibly removing a iPhone X or watchful for subsequent year’s stand of devices.

The iPhone 8 starts during $699 for 64GB of storage, with a 256GB indication upping a cost to $849.

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