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iPhone 8 recover date, cost and specs: Apple ‘investigating’ mixed reports of flourishing batteries

APPLE HAS UNVEILED the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, a particular successors to final year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. 

The twin of smartphones, that were rumoured to arrive as a iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, offer some vital upgrades over final year’s models, including a new all-glass design, a new A11 Bionic chip underneath a hood and support for wireless charging for a initial time.

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We’ve dull adult all we need to know about picking adult a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and will refurbish this essay when we hear more.

Release date
Pre-orders for a iPhone 8 will began on Friday 15 September, with shipping kicking off on 22 September.

However, you’ll be tough pushed to bag yourself an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on launch day, as all models are now arrangement as shipping within “one to dual weeks” over on a Apple Store and during some UK networks. 

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now accessible to buy during a Apple Store with a choice of 64GB or 256GB storage, with models attractive £689, £849, £749 and £949, respectively.

Carphone Warehouse is charity a iPhone 8 on tariffs with EE, iD, O2, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. Prices start from £59.99 on a 24-month £49 agreement with O2, that comes with total texts, total mins and 5GB data. It’s also charity a iPhone 8 Plus, with prices starting during £129.99 on a £49 per month O2 contract.

BT has started holding orders for a iPhone 8, with prices starting during £250 on a £47 tariff that comes with 400 minutes, total texts and 500MB data. It’s also charity a iPhone 8 Plus on a same contract, though it’ll cost we £300 upfront.

EE is offered a iPhone 8, with prices starting during £99.99 on a £47.99 tariff that comes with 1GB monthly data. EE is recommending we pointer adult to a firm’s £67.99 (!) per month tariff, that comes with a £9.99 upfront cost and a large 100GB monthly data. Orders have also kicked off for a iPhone 8 Plus, with prices starting during £149.99 on a £52.99 tariff with 2GB information included.

O2 has non-stop adult iPhone 8 orders over on a website, and is earnest smoothness in “up to 3 weeks.” The user is recommending a £63 per month tariff, that comes with a £29.99 upfront cost and 20GB data. The iPhone 8 Plus is accessible on a same 20GB tariff though will cost we £67 per month. 

Sky Mobile is offering the iPhone 8 on a ‘Swap12’ and ‘Swap24’ plans, with pricing starting during £32 per month for 500MB information and total calls and texts for Sky TV customers. If you’re after some-more data, Sky has 1GB, 5GB and 10GB skeleton labelled during £37, £42 and £47 per month, respectively. The iPhone 8 Plus is available on matching 500MB, 1GB, 5GB and 10GB plans, though will cost we can additional £5 per month.

Three is holding orders and is charity a iPhone 8, that is accessible from £79 on s £55 tariff that comes with 12GB information and total texts and minutes. The iPhone 8 Plus is accessible on a same devise though will cost we £60 per month. 

Vodafone has soon kicked off pre-orders and is charity a iPhone 8 for £30 from £54 per month, that will get we 4GB data, total texts and total minutes. It’s also offered a iPhone 8 Plus, that is accessible for £58 from £60 per month with 4GB data.

Virgin Mobile has, as promised, is also holding orders for a iPhone 8. Pricing starts during £29 per month with no upfront cost, a tariff that comes with 300 minutes, total texts and 1.2GB data. You can ascent to 4GB information for £32 per month. It’s also charity the iPhone 8 Plus from £37 per month.

In a US, a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can be picked adult from ATT, Best Buy, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon

Latest news and specs
There have now been during slightest 6 apart reports of iPhone 8 Plus batteries flourishing to a indicate of bursting open their enclosures given the phones first went on sale final month. As good as progressing incidents in Japan and Taiwan, there have given been reports of ‘exploding’ phones in Hong Kong, Greece, Canada and China, according to The Guardian. Apple pronounced a association was wakeful of a reports and is questioning a issue. 

3/10/17: Apple has expelled an refurbish to iOS 11 that fixes a ‘crackling’ earpiece emanate inspiring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus users, confirming that a problem was software-based. The update, iOS 11.0.2, also addresses an emanate that could means some photos to be hidden, and another that prevented S/MIME encrypted emails from opening. 

29/9/17: The iPhone 8 has faced off opposite a Galaxy S8 in a, er blender. It didn’t transport too well, either, as after only a spins a iPhone 8 was reduced to pieces. The Galaxy S8’s steel frame, however, somehow managed to tarry a ordeal, and even came out with a few pieces of potion sticking onto a strong frame. 

Apple has reliable an emanate with a iPhone 8’s earpiece after some users complained that it creates a “crackling” sound that disrupts a audio. The organisation pronounced in a matter that a “small number” of users are affected, and pronounced that it is “working on a fix, that will be enclosed in an arriving program release.”

A27/9/17: If you’re a unapproachable owners of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, try not to dump it. SquareTrade has tested a ‘breakability’ of a smartphone twin regulating a accumulation of tests including face-down drops and a H2O insurgency and bendability tests, and found that, nonetheless not a disposed to ruinous as a Galaxy Note 8, Apple’s new iPhones are  flattering fragile, with a iPhone 8 enormous on a initial drop. The iPhone 8 warranted a breakability measure of 67, while a iPhone 8 Plus scored 74. 

Despite news of lifeless queues opposite a UK as punters reason out for a iPhone X, Tim Cook has boasted that a iPhone 8, along with a Apple Watch 3, has sole out in “so many places.” Speaking to CNBC, Cook said: “We’ve sole out of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in some stores, though we’ve got good supply there. You can see what’s going on here this morning — we couldn’t be happier.”

22/9/17: Apple’s new iPhone arrived in a UK today, though was met by underwhelming queues. The Metro reports that lines outward Apple Stores are “shorter than usual”, with many expected holding out for a iPhone X.

12/9/17: Apple denounced a iPhone 8 and 8 Plus during a much-hyped ‘Apple Event’, that also saw a launch of a Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch 3 and, of course, a 10th-anniversary iPhone X.

The twin of smartphones feature a new aluminium-reinforced all-glass design, suggestive of that seen on a iPhone 4. This glass, Apple claims, is a many durable potion to ever underline on a smartphone, while both phones also offer IP67 certification.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are a initial phones to container Apple’s new A11 processor, a six-core CPU that’s divided into dual low-performance cores and 4 high-performance cores, with a unchanging cores being 25 per cent faster than a prior A10 chip, and a high-performance cores being adult to 75 per cent faster than a A10 SoC.

This new A11 chip comes interconnected with a initial Apple designed GPU, that explains why Apple dumped Brit graphics outfit Imagination Technologies. This GPU offers a 30 per cent opening boost compared to a A10, according to Apple.


There’s a Retina HD (1334×750) shade with True Tone arrangement during a forefront of a smartphones, measuring in during 4.7in and 5.1in, respectively, and you’ll find a Home symbol sitting underneath and new stereo speakers during a tip and symbol of a handset.  

On a camera front, a iPhone 8 facilities an “all new” 12MP sensor, while a iPhone 8 Plus facilities new-and-improved f/1.8 and f/2.8 sensors.

Wireless charging support is also included, and while Apple tends to opt for a possess exclusive tech, a iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will support a Qi standard, that means business will be means to use third-party accessories. µ



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