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iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: New camera tests contend it’s too tighten to call

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Oft-cited camera-testing outfit DxOMark recently rated a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as a “new standard” for smartphone cameras, snatching a tip mark from a Google Pixel and HTC U11.

But a new iPhones have now been assimilated during a tip of a rankings by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, a company’s initial dual-camera phone.

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DxOMark’s newly published test of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has awarded it a same measure of 94 that a Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus achieved — usually forward of a iPhone 8’s measure of 92. However, a dual tip inclination achieved a scores due to high opening in incompatible areas.

The iPhone 8 Plus outside photography peculiarity was a standout, with softened constraint of HDR scenes, and bearing calculation. It also had a good wizz and sealed in on a loyal visual fuzz for a ‘bokeh’ effect, interjection to a confused forehead and background. It also scored rarely on video performance.

The Note 8 duration offering a best wizz capabilities of any mobile device it’s tested, according to DxOMark’s Paul Carroll.

“A unusual print sub-score that breaks new belligerent as a initial smartphone to strike 100 points creates a Note 8 a stream class-leader for stills, interjection to glorious wizz quality, good noise reduction and fact preservation, as good as quick and accurate autofocus,” Carroll notes.

According to DxOMark, a Note 8’s wizz achieved glorious formula with a x2 visual wizz lens, and “impressive resolution” regulating digital wizz during x4 and x8. The visual wizz also achieved good in low light, though a digital wizz usually achieved excellently in splendid light.

However, a Note 8 didn’t perform as good as on video, lagging behind a Google Pixel, iPhone 8 Plus, and HTC U11.

Despite this, a Galaxy Note 8’s video did perform solidly on exposure, autofocus, sound reduction, white change and tone rendering.

The Note 8’s bokeh outcome did a good pursuit of blurring a credentials many of a time, though a examination found that a outcome infrequently isn’t manifest even when enabled. The camera also featured intensely quick and accurate autofocus and has a plain peep unit.


Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus now has to share a tip mark with a Galaxy Note 8 in DxOMark’s smartphone camera rankings.

Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

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