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iPhone 8 Plus Review: Bigger is better, though not for most longer

iPhone 8 review

More of a same, yet improved in usually about any way

More of a same, yet improved in usually about any way

We’ve put a iPhone 8 to a test, and while it might demeanour boring, it’s anything but.

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With a iPhone X already announced and accessible for preorder during a finish of October, usually where does a iPhone 8 Plus finish adult in a product lineup?

I consider it’s satisfactory to contend it’s a device dictated for business users who wish a incomparable screen, some-more battery life, and a same tried-and-true opening Apple has built a repute on. Camera tricks supplement to a allure of a phone that’s distant too vast for a possess good, generally in 2017.

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I’ve already reviewed the iPhone 8 and found it to a inestimable ascent for a shred of smartphone users. On paper, outward of a camera, size, and cost a iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are a same devices. Be certain to examination my iPhone 8 examination if we didn’t hold on a underline or opening in a content below.


As competitors expelled bigger screened inclination that kept removing smaller, Apple’s “Plus” indication in a iPhone lineup stayed a same. With a chin above and next a shade and a 5.5-inch display, there’s a satisfactory volume of squandered space around a screen.

Apple has addressed a emanate with a pattern of a iPhone X, yet a iPhone 8 Plus still aloud claims a aged pattern as a own. It’s as unapologetic as it is bulky.

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In a same demeanour a iPhone 8 matches a pattern of a predecessors, so does a iPhone 8 Plus. Buttons, speakers, charging ports, and even a SIM label are all located in a same accurate spot.

Most cases for a iPhone 7 Plus will work on a 8 Plus, that is good news for those who ascent any year and don’t wish to wait for a iPhone X.

Battery life and performance

The iPhone 8 Plus uses a same A11 Bionic processor as a iPhone 8, with a sum of 6 cores. Its battery is smaller than a iPhone 7 Plus, yet interjection to A11 Bionic chip, a 8 Plus is some-more energy efficient.

I was means to get by over 36 hours of use from a singular charge. On days of roving and complicated use, we still had adequate energy to get to a finish of a day yet wanting to recharge.

Double a camera


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

The iPhone 8 Plus has dual rear-facing cameras; one telephoto, and one wide-angle. Both are 12-megapixel sensors, with a FaceTime camera on a front being 7-megapixels.

The new cameras underline a same ISP and sensor improvements as a iPhone 8, yet where it diverges from a smaller kin is Portrait Mode. As with a iPhone 7 line, a bigger indication leverages a dual rear-facing cameras to supplement abyss to photos yet a need for costly hardware and vast lenses compulsory by dedicated cameras.

The iPhone 8 Plus continues to fuzz a lines by adding abyss — also famous as bokeh — to a print with a new underline called Portrait Lighting.

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Currently in beta, Portrait Lighting alters lighting in a photo. There are a sum of 5 opposite lighting options: natural, studio, control, stage, and theatre light mono (black and white).

I’ve had success with a initial 3 options, and have unsuccessful miserably during both of a studio light options. Stage Light removes a background, branch it to black, withdrawal a theme in a forehead with combined shadows and practiced highlights.

Apple showed off some extraordinary photos prisoner with Stage Light during a keynote, yet for me, I’ve found many of a time a photos usually demeanour fake. For example, one print attempted to censor my ear as if it were in a background, withdrawal angled lines in a place. It looked like a bad mechanism describe of myself. Look during this photo of my dog, Emoji. He looks fancy, yet also fake.


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

As for a 3 Portrait Lighting modes I’ve had success with, I’ve prisoner some flattering extraordinary photos. The above shot was taken with a iPhone 8 Plus in Portrait Mode with a Studio Light Portrait Lighting setting.

Just a few inches next a tip of a cup, we can see a ladle and square of chocolate are somewhat out of focus, while a heart emblem is pointy and good lit. Frankly, it’s overwhelming to have prisoner this on a smartphone.

Or this photo we posted on Facebook. we was watchful in line during Chipotle, carried a phone adult and asked my son to smile. we didn’t spend time framing or ensuring a lighting was best for Portrait Mode as I’ve finished with a iPhone 7 Plus. we took a picture, and it came out unequivocally well.

As we pronounced in my iPhone 8 review, Apple’s newest phones are a best smartphone cameras we have ever used. we used to rest on Samsung’s inclination to take my photos, generally when on a outing with my family; we now leave them behind. In fact, we recently spent 3 days in San Diego with usually a iPhone 8 Plus. Those who know me can attest for how singular something like that is.

Its possess biggest competitor

Right now, Apple faces unbending foe from Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus or Note 8 are both reasonable and current to put adult opposite Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus.

Nevertheless, we consider Apple’s biggest competition, in sold for a bigger and some-more costly iPhone 8 Plus, is a iPhone X. The iPhone X is usually somewhat some-more expensive, ships with a some-more strong camera setup, and is smaller in altogether footprint.

It’s tough to clear and inspire someone to wait for a device that’s not even out yet. It’s also a device we’ve usually seen in really tranquil environments. But it’s tough not to move it adult when deliberating a iPhone 8 lineup, meaningful a improved looking and usually as able device is on a horizon.

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In any sense, a iPhone 8 Plus is a best iPhone we have ever used. we conclude a potion back, combined wireless and quick charging, and a camera is terrific. Yet, we haven’t systematic one since of a iPhone X.

Granted, a $999 cost tag of a iPhone X isn’t for everyone. The iPhone 8 Plus starts during $799 for 64GB of storage, with a 256GB indication now labelled during $949. If we opted to sequence an 8 Plus right this minute, we wouldn’t censure we during all — generally if you’re updating from an iPhone before to final year’s model, or for that matter an comparison Android smartphone.

For everybody else, though, a iPhone X will be accessible on Nov 3.

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