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iPhone 8 Plus loses the camera crown: One-lens Pixel 2 snatches it with record score


DxOMark contrariety finds a Pixel 2 facilities really good tone rendering.

Image: DxOMark

The iPhone 8 Plus’ brief power over a smartphone camera universe is over, according to mobile camera-testing outfit DxOMark.

The iPhone 8 Plus might have set a new customary for smartphone cameras in DxOMark’s tests final month, though now a one to kick is a single-lens Pixel 2.

The Google phone got an altogether measure or 98, commanding a dual-lens iPhone 8 Plus’ and Galaxy Note 8’s 94. The initial Pixel achieved a measure 90 and was a tip camera phone until a iPhone 8 Plus arrived.

The Pixel 2 facilities a 12-megapixel categorical sensor, dual-pixel autofocus, visual picture stabilization, HDR+, and a new Portrait mode enhancement.

Despite a new tip score, if we adore wizz and natural-looking becloud Bokeh backgrounds, a softened choice is a still twin lens iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung’s Note 8. But on all other fronts a Pixel 2 offers softened photography and video, according to DxO’s review.

The Pixel 2’s credentials fuzz effects have softened over what a Pixel offers, though they’re not as healthy looking as a iPhone 8 Plus’s camera, a reviewers found.


Reviewers reckon a Pixel 2’s credentials fuzz effects have softened though are not as natural-looking as a iPhone 8 Plus’s.


Nevertheless, a Pixel 2 is unbeatable as a mobile device for videographers. Compared with a first-generation Pixel, DxOMark found poignant improvements in a Pixel 2 video performance, that is now a best it’s tested. It offers a high turn of stabilization, and is good during preserving fact while shortening noise.

The reviewers were also tender with a Pixel 2’s autofocus, that was quick, accurate and unchanging when focusing in all lighting conditions.

The camera offering good bearing and contrariety in splendid light and achieved morally in low light. However, in really low light a Pixel 2’s shots are underexposed.

One debility was that it produces manifest sound in certain shots, such as when digest blue skies.

Overall, DxOMark judged that a Pixel 2 has one of a best cameras for only about any print or video scenario, with a difference of wizz and Bokeh.

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