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iOS 11 battery life is terrible

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Are we anticipating that your iPhone’s battery life isn’t anywhere nearby as good as it was with iOS 10? You’re not alone.

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Every time Apple releases a new chronicle of iOS, there never a necessity of people angry that their battery life has left from good to terrible. Sometimes this is only down to a iPhone or iPad wanting a few charge/recharge cycles to recalibrate a battery charging resource and for things like Spotlight to finish indexing all a files on a device, other times it’s a bug in iOS or an app that’s sucking during a battery.

Charging regulating Apple granted USB charger

Charging regulating high-power USB charger

Wireless charging regulating RAVPower 15W charging pad (with case)

Wireless charging regulating RAVPower 15W charging pad (without case)

USB-C quick charging

It seems that iOS 11 has a problem that’s severely inspiring battery life.

Within hours of a recover of iOS 11, a internet was awash with battery complaints. Because it can take a integrate of recharge cycles for a calibration to settle down, we generally omit these early reports, though we’re now roughly dual weeks on from release, and notwithstanding saying iOS 11.0.1 being released, battery life continues to be a large problem for many users.

There’s also information to support a thought that there’s a problem with iOS 11. Wandera published information formed on a subset of 50,000 assuage to complicated iPhone and iPad users in a network using iOS 10 and iOS 11 to review a normal battery spoil rate over a 3 days. The formula uncover that iOS 11 is hammering battery life most harder than iOS 10 did.

iOS 11 battery life is terrible

iOS 11 battery life is terrible


So what can we do? Well, there’s utterly a lot of tweaks we can do to eke some-more mins out of your battery (see below), and we can keep a horse or powerbank accessible to assign adult your iPhone of iPad during a day. But over that, we’re all going to have to wait for Apple to pull out a patch to residence a problem (early indications advise that iOS 11.1, that has been expelled to beta testers, goes some approach to urge battery life).






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