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iOS 11.0.1 refurbish causes massacre for some iPhone and iPad users


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It seems that no matter how many people attend in Apple’s beta program, a rollout of a new recover seems to move with it unconstrained woes for some users.

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Last week saw Apple recover iOS 11.0.1 in sequence to patch adult a nasty email issue that was plaguing users who had done a jump to iOS 11, though things are distant from well-spoken sailing.

While iOS 11.0.1 did indeed repair a email issue, it did zero for a innumerable of issues that users have been angry about on Twitter, Apple’s central support forums, and Reddit. Widespread reports prominence problems trimming from bad battery life — surprise, warn — to crashes, lock-ups, bad Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and support drops.

But it seems that iOS 11.0.1 has combined to these issues, with users angry that this recover is even some-more unstable, with some claiming that consistent crashes and lockups have radically done their inclination unusable.

A Reddit user metricrules cataloged some of a problems encountered:

“iOS11 issues so far, it has roughly bricked my phone: Spotify stops being shown on a close screen, reboot fixes afterwards occurs again after a few hours. Alarm is wordless when phone is in wordless mode, no repair yet. Volume control doesn’t work when sealed or display, reboot infrequently fixes. Remove aux wire and no sound around phone until app is ended. Multiple apps don’t open properly, solidify on launch shade for 20 seconds or more, seems to work again after phone sorts itself out. we consider that’s all a large ones, anyone else had these issues? Edit: iPhone 6s Edit 2: can’t use it as a phone. Stays on orator phone no matter what and we can’t hear or speak to anyone… Edit 3: buttons on central apple headphones don’t work many of a time Edit 4: can’t use central headphones as a workaround to speak on a phone (have not attempted facetime yet) Edit 5: phone is now frozen and rebooting itself after updating to 11.0.1 Edit 6: can now use a phone as a phone when it doesn’t solidify and reboot itself”

Another user complains of bad stability:

“anybodys phone start frozen 10+ times a day and afterwards restarting? Since IOS 11 my phone has been frozen a lot and with IOS 11.0.1 it’s doing it even more… so frustrating”

Another repeating a common Wi-Fi issue:

“Anyone carrying problems with wifi connection? we am regulating an iPhone 6 and wifi would usually bond if we am centimeters nearby a router… and operative poorly. Tried in 2 opposite networks and a same thing. Erased iPhone twice and a problem remains.”

And a complaints go on and on and on.

But assistance is on a way. Apple has already pushed out a beta of iOS 11.1 to testers, and initial reports advise that this refurbish goes some approach to regulating during slightest some of these issues.

My advice, as always, is that if we rest on your iPhone or iPad and don’t wish to be inconvenienced by problems, reason off upgrading for a few weeks until Apple gets a few updates out and things ease down.

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