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iOS 10 features: a tip 10 things we wish to see

IT’S JUST TWO WEEKS until iOS 10 will make a entrance during WWDC on 13 June. If rumours are anything to go by, iOS 10 won’t have too many surprises, and Apple is reportedly formulation to showcase updates to Siri and a new and softened Apple Music application. 

That’s not adequate to get us excited, so we’ve dull adult a tip 10 facilities that we think, and hope, Apple will include in iOS 10. 

10. Manual camera controls

iPhone SE camera

The iPhone camera is fine, though a miss of primer camera controls that concede a user to set their possess preferences is a pain, generally as many rivals offer this.

Apple should change this with iOS 10 to embody some-more controls natively in a camera app to adjust things like white balance, orifice and a form of print you’re taking: portrait, sport, night time and so on.

These could be simply incited off for those happy with discerning and easy snapping, though this would be a good further for those penetrating on removing a many from their device and one prolonged blank from iOS.

9. Easier collection photo upload to emails


Emailing photos has prolonged been a duty on a iPhone, and Apple has nonetheless to listen to a unfortunate pleas of users who are ill of a difficult routine and of being singular to 5 images per email.

There are some difficult workarounds out there, though certainly record has modernized distant adequate in a past 9 years that a iPhone can hoop promulgation some-more than 5 images during once?

What’s more, it seems peculiar that there’s no choice to insert images while in Apple’s local Mail app. Instead, we need to do so around a Photos application.

8. Third-party Siri integration


Siri is flattering useful, generally with ability to use it hands free on a new models. However, a inability to work with other apps is a contrition and something we’d adore to see.

It might take some time for developers to get their apps prepared for this, though that’s what WWDC is for. Imagine if we could open Spotify and start a playlist from a other side of a room? Or ask Siri to open Facebook and post a standing update? Or even open an app to make a engagement or reservation? 

7. Redesigned volume controls

Phot display chain of volume control symbol on iPhones

There’s something really un-Apple about a fact that a volume control interface appears right in a center of a screen, mostly obscuring a thing you’re examination as we adjust a volume.

It would not seem too many of a pattern renovate to pierce it to a side with a some-more subtle, though equally easy to use, interface that didn’t get in a approach of what you’re watching.

6. More/downloadable live wallpapers 

iPhone 6S flipped

One of a reduction talked about facilities of iOS is that it comes with Live Wallpapers, permitting we to set energetic backgrounds as your Lock or Home screen.

This was increased with a launch of a iPhone 6S with a further of support for environment Live Photos as wallpaper, though iPhone 6 owners are still left with Apple’s pre-loaded options, of that there are usually seven. These are also all accurately a same, despite with a opposite colour scheme. 

We wish iOS 10 brings a choice to download more, and that Apple will launch an HTC-style store where we can find yourself a snazzy new energetic background. 

Sure, there are some apps in a iTunes Store that offer downloadable Live Wallpapers though many of them are also full of nasty ads



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