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InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Bubbles, breakage, and damaged promises


Samsung’s smartphones have winding potion along a edges that have presented a poignant plea for makers of shade protectors. Despite examination a designation video, entirely cleaning a display, and sportive a high turn of patience, a new ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite didn’t work out for me.

A decade ago, we used shade protectors on each device we owned. Glass companies have continued to urge arrangement products and we don’t use protectors on my smartphones today. Sometimes a phone shade gets scratched, yet we never dump my phones so it is usually by drifting pocketing of change or rubbing together of other phones that causes problems for me.

I’ve tested utterly a few shade protectors before and have put them on a displays of many family and friends so we cruise myself a proprietor consultant on installation. After being married for 25 years and assisting lift 3 daughters, including coaching my youngest in soccer for 10 years, we am a really studious male as well. Despite my knowledge and patience, we was totally let down by this shade guardian on a analysis Galaxy S9 Plus we have on hand.

The InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite guardian is accessible now for $49.99. It is a square of gradual glass, with a startle absorbent layer, and full shade glue that is designed to keep it in place. The guardian doesn’t extend all a approach to a top, bottom, or sides so that a box might still work with a guardian in place.


Inside a sell box, we will find finish designation instructions with a idea to perspective a designation video. To make certain we achieved all correctly, we went and watched a designation video before attempting a install.

This is indeed one of a easiest protectors to implement interjection in vast partial to a EZ Apply Tray that serves as an fixing beam to assistance we simply place a guardian down onto your phone with no need for mixed attempts to line adult specific openings in a protector.

I spotless a display, used a dirt dismissal plaque (before and after installing a EZ Apply Tray), and afterwards reliable there was not a spec of dirt on a screen. You afterwards flay off a behind of a potion guardian and place it down within a EZ Apply Tray regulating a dual transparent tabs.

The specific squeegee directions are in confidant and we followed them to a letter. You reason it with 4 fingers and use a fabric finish on a arrangement to pierce from a botom to a tip of a screen. This fabric finish is afterwards run adult a sides where a winding partial of a arrangement and guardian can be found. The final step is to use a tough finish of a squeegee to work out remaining bubbles.

All sounds good and even yet it takes a bit of time, it is not difficult. However, my formula were terrible and forced me to chuck divided a protector.






Bubbles, brokenness, and opening impact

The website advertises that designation will be fast, accurate, and bubble-free. Despite confirming there was not a pinch of dirt on a display, we finished adult with over a dozen froth after installing it and perplexing to work them out. About half of them eventually went divided as a glue set in, yet there are still about 6 that we can't remove.

The vital emanate we have yet is that a tip right dilemma of a guardian cracked as we was regulating a squeegee to work out froth in that area. we was honestly repelled during how fast and simply it cracked as we had only starting operative out a froth and wasn’t being assertive or regulating many force. The guardian is fundamentally rubbish now, yet ZAGG does offer a lifetime guaranty that might outcome in deputy of a guardian so we can try installing it again.

After installing a guardian and stealing a EZ Apply Tray, we notice that a guardian is indeed utterly thick given a edges are unprotected when we don’t have your phone in a case. The edges are not sharp, yet my fingers really massage adult opposite them when we reason it in my palm and it is not a good feeling to knowledge with your phone.

ZAGG provides directions to adjust a home symbol vigour and flip a toggle for increasing hold attraction in sequence for a guardian to work improved for you. we altered these settings and found a arrangement responsiveness to be only excellent with text, swiping, and some-more all operative as we desired.

The dual sides of a guardian retard partial of a winding corner of a arrangement since there are black borders on a display. It’s not atrocious, yet a guardian does impact a usability of a Edge row record on a S9 Plus. Swiping in from a corner to launch a Edge row works many of a time, yet if we ever wish to change a chain of a Edge row afterwards we might be out of luck. The Edge row indicator bar is dark by a shade guardian and it takes critical finger gymnastics to try to work around a guardian to pierce this adult and down your display.

The black limit on a tip and bottom also cut off a bit of a winding corners. It’s not a vital emanate for me, yet a guardian should not impact a ocular area of a display. The guardian gives a arrangement a somewhat opposite demeanour and we am certain shade fanatics will not be gratified with these alterations.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was a play?

Looking past a designation and impact on regulating a corner panels, what can we contend about this shade guardian solutiong?

ZAGG advertises that a guardian offers a smooth, silky feel and this is totally accurate. It feels improved to my finger to slip around on a guardian than on a arrangement of a S9 Plus itself. we also see reduction fingerprints on a guardian than we did on a display.

If we are successful in removing this guardian commissioned and don’t ever use a Edge row functionality, afterwards this guardian might work excellent for you. It should strengthen your arrangement from drops and mangle before a S9 Plus tangible arrangement breaks. While my practice were reduction than optimal, we checked out Amazon and a reviews there also impersonate my experiences.

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