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Intel’s chip with AMD will use Radeon Vega graphics cores

Intel India kicked off a new year by (accidentally?) posting finer sum about a hotly expected Intel CPU with AMD Radeon graphics rising after this quarter, strictly dubbed a Intel Core i7-8809G. Those sum clearly endorse one gossip about a processor—and dispels another.

Most notable: The chip will use AMD’s high-end Radeon Vega graphics cores, rather than a “Polaris” GPU found in mainstream graphics cards such as a Radeon RX 580. That’s no warn deliberation a processor’s use of HBM2 memory like a Vega GPUs, though prevalent Internet rumors suggested a Intel chip would instead container Polaris cores. Don’t trust all we review on a Internet, people.

The site lists a sum package’s thermal pattern energy (TDP) during 100-watts. Intel already pronounced a chip will use a brawny H-series mobile CPU. Those traditionally devour 45W of power, withdrawal 55W for a graphics and other components in a chip. For comparison, AMD’s Polaris-based Radeon RX 550 graphics card carries a 50W TDP. That label blows past 100fps in e-sports games and can transparent 40 frames per second in AAA games like The Division and Rise of a Tomb Raider during 1900×1200 resolution—a outrageous step adult over a graphics integrated into Intel CPUs. (This chip also has an integrated Intel GPU for low-powered visible tasks.)

intel radeon cpu Brad Chacos/IDG

This Intel India inventory includes the Core i7-8809G with AMD Radeon Vega cores. (Click to enlarge.)

The story behind a story: The comparison isn’t a organisation indicator of final performance—Vega runs faster than Polaris, and we have no thought how many graphics cores this Intel chip indeed has—but it’s an enlivening pointer that this CPU’s visible firepower could be zero to sneeze at. Also note that a RX 550 for desktop PCs sports 8 discriminate units; a first Ryzen Mobile laptop CPUs embody 10 Vega-based discriminate units in their meagre 15W TDP. A lot more Vega cores could feasible be congested into a Core i7-8809G with 50-ish watts of energy to dedicate to graphics. 

Kaby Lake G?

Intel declined to specific what processor design lies in a heart of a Core i7-8809G during a chip’s announcement. The 8000-series name means it will be partial of a convoluted 8th-gen lineup, though a tangible specs for a 3.1GHz CPU advise it’s formed on a 14nm Kaby Lake architecture, rather than a next-gen 10nm “Coffee Lake” design entrance someday this year.

Details about a Coffee Lake laptop lineup were reported on by Anandtech, and each Core i7 chip enclosed 6 CPU cores. Intel India says a Core i7-8809G has 4 cores with hyperthreading enabled—just like Kaby Lake H-series chips. The inventory also identifies a integrated Intel graphics as “HD Graphics 630.” The integrated graphics inside Intel’s new 8th-gen CPUs use “UHD” branding instead. That all lends faith to a “Kaby Lake G” rumors swirling around a web.

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Interestingly, a inventory for a Core i7-8809G is on an Intel India page about overclocked processors, subsequent to socketed desktop chips like a Core i7-8700K and Core i9 CPUs. Intel skeleton for this chip to move gaming to thin, light laptops. Will we be means to overclock it? Will a Core i7-8809G eventually be done accessible to home builders in some way? Was a inclusion here only a mistake?

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