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Intel will betray 8th-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ processors on 21 August

CHIPMAKER Intel has announced that it will launch a 8th-gen Core processors, codenamed ‘Coffee Lake’, on 21 August. 

Intel’s teaser says that punters examination a Facebook Live (ugh) phenomenon can design to learn about Coffee Lake’s “blazing fast” opening and VR credentials, while also throwing a glance of some of a ‘amazing complement designs’ formed on 8th-gen Intel Core processors.

The association also confirms that a initial Coffee Lake systems will be accessible after this year, noting: “Start formulation for what new 8th-gen Intel Core processor-based device to squeeze in a holiday deteriorate and even before.”

The imminent phenomenon doubtful will have too many surprises in store, as alleged specifications for Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs seemed online final month.

If legit, design Intel to offer a contingent of six-core, 12-thread devices, with a leaked CPU-Z screenshot of an engineering representation suggesting they will container into Intel’s customary LGA1151 socket. The trickle also indicated a partial with a 3.5GHz bottom time speed, though able of boosting to 4.3GHz on during slightest one core, and a 12MB level-3 cache. 

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All 3 collection will support DDR4 with a 2400MHz integrated memory controller frequency. Only a cheaper of a 3 collection will not offer DDR overclocking.

We also know that Intel’s 8th-gen chips, that were creatively ostensible to be appearing in 2018 on a 10nm fab node, will be constructed on current 14nm facilities, though Intel has publicly claimed that these Coffee Lake processors will be 15 to 30 per cent faster than a prior era Kaby Lake chips. 

According to rumours that flush progressing week, Intel will start prolongation of a 8th-gen CPUs this month

Intel’s Facebook Live launch eventuality will take place on 21 Aug during 5pm UK time. µ



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