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Intel SSD 545s review: The subsequent good bill SSD has arrived

Meet a subsequent good bill SSD. Intel’s 545s is an affordable nonetheless flattering quick SSD that finally demotes Samsung’s EVO from a tip mark in a consumer space. At $180 for 512GB, a 545s offers all a ability and cost advantages of TLC NAND and a postulated write speed of MLC NAND. 

Design and specs

Our initial glance of a 545s with a lifted edges had us meditative ‘sardine tin’ in a certain way: neat and shiny. The drive’s 7mm form appears thinner interjection to a indented top and reduce surfaces.

Inside a exam section was a Silicon Motion SM2259 controller and 512GB of Intel’s new 256-gigabit, 64-layer built (3D) floating-gate form NAND. Perhaps it’s a embankment that’s obliged for a performance—Intel wasn’t saying, and in fact a association didn’’t play adult opening as many as it played up the longevity and trustworthiness behind a five-year warranty. Most drives this cost are warrantied for usually 3 years. The 288 TBW (TeraBytes Written) rating is also exceptional—the association apparently has a lot of faith in a controller and a NAND. 

IDG/Gordon Mah Ung

Don’t spin adult your nose during a SATA interface usually yet. It’s still a many renouned approach people supplement storage to a PC.


We’ll get to a charts in a second, though a many revelation partial of a exam knowledge was examination a Windows swell bar/throughput scale during a 20GB singular record write test. Unlike with many TLC drives, speeds never dropped, staying a march during an considerable 420MBps to 430MBps.

Of course, we entertained a idea that Intel had simply upped a volume of cache, so we attempted duplicating 60GB. Same deal. Even if this is a outcome of a vast or non-static volume of TLC NAND being treated as MLC NAND, it still means few users would ever knowledge a slowdown. Even full Blu-ray (not ultra) film rips import in during usually 30GB, and a customary diversion on Steam is reduction than that.

Hands-on, a 545s was a smoothest, many unchanging performer we’ve seen in a while. The OS popped, all forms of record operations were silky, and there were no stutters when opening apps. The Samsung EVO is also well-spoken and consistent, though it drops to around 300MBps essay when it runs out of TLC-as-MLC cache.

The EVO, distinct a 545s, does have a RAPID caching software, that can significantly boost bland opening by regulating complement RAM as cache. We’re not fans of memory caching as it increases a risk of information detriment due to energy failure, so we’re usually mentioning that to sentinel off comments.

By a numbers, a 545s spanked a TLC competition, though Kingston’s HyperX Savage and a MLC NAND led a way. 

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