Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Intel shows off wireless VR on a HTC Vive

Speaking of holding VR to a subsequent level

What we see, here on my right, is a use of Intel WiGig record by HTC and regulating a DisplayLink XR codec to move a high-fidelity, low-latency wireless VR knowledge on a HTC Vive.

So Craig, right now, is display we a initial ever open proof of a HTC Vive with WiGig. As we can see, he has got no wires.

So Craig, how does that feel? I’m examination we dance around, how does that feel?

I’m kind of bustling right now if we don’t mind, though we will tell we it feels like freedom. Something where if we am in any VR sourroundings like this one we have from Valve Sandbox a labs, though any VR game, either we are articulate about sports of a first-person shooter, carrying a leisure of not carrying to be aware of where that cord is, well, this is a turn of soak that we are looking for for a subsequent era of VR.

Yeah, you’d improved compensate attention. Oh my gosh.

HTC is bringing this to marketplace with us in early 2018 and we consider it’s going to be flattering cool.

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