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Intel sells Wind River to TPG

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Intel is offered a Wind River embedded program section to TPG after profitable $884 million for a association in 2009.

Terms of the Wind River sale weren’t disclosed.

Once a TPG understanding closes, Wind River boss Jim Douglas will lead a eccentric company.

Intel’s initial rationale for appropriation Wind River was to be some-more concerned with embedded devices. Wind River was one of Intel’s early efforts to variegate into software.

Wind River has turn a pivotal actor in a industrial Internet of things, corner computing and a broader device market. Large business embody Boeing, NASA, Huawei, Siemens, and Northrop Grumman. TPG partner Nehal Raj pronounced Wind River will be eccentric and a devise is to “build on a clever substructure with investments in both organic and fake growth.”

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The product portfolio for Wind River includes:

  • VxWorks, an handling system
  • Software tangible infrastructure software
  • Helix device cloud
  • And automotive systems

Douglas pronounced TPG will give Wind River some-more financial resources. As for Intel, a chip hulk pronounced a sale of Wind River was about honing a plan on being information centric.

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