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Intel, QuTech work on 17-qubit quantum computing chip, packaging

Intel delivered a 17-qubit chip for quantum computing with a aim of operative with QuTech, a investigate partner, to optimize packaging.


Along with IBM, that pronounced it delivered a 17-qubit antecedent processor in May, Intel is aiming to scale processors. Quantum computing will be means to hoop problems normal computers can’t touch. Quantum computing processes in together compared to normal processors that are binary.

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The locate is it’s formidable to make qubits uniform and fast since they need impassioned cooling. Intel is holding a unsentimental proceed to quantum computing and emphasizing wrapping and materials.

Intel’s design for a 17-qubit exam chip improves an design that improves trustworthiness and cuts down on division between qubits. There’s also a scalable interconnect intrigue and designs to package a qubit processors, that are about a distance of a entertain and a half-dollar silver when packaged.

QuTech is simulating quantum workloads with a aim of eventually building a full smoke-stack of devices. Intel’s idea is to strike a idea of 49 qubits on a processor.

There are mixed companies and investigate teams chasing quantum computing. IBM pronounced it wants to launch blurb quantum systems in a years ahead.

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