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Intel promises improved clarity as Meltdown rags means Broadwell/Haswell borkage

CHIPMAKER Intel has betrothed to be some-more “transparent” about a whole Meltdown/Spectre hoo-hah following complaints that rags causing reboot borkage.

Some users of Intel’s comparison Broadwell and Haswell CPUs have been discerning to protest that given installing patches, which Microsoft this week warned could means “significant” opening issues, they have gifted increasing reboots.

Navin Shenoy, executive VP and ubiquitous manager of Intel’s Data Centre Group, spoke out about a emanate in a blog post and pronounced a organisation is operative to “diagnose and address” a problem.

“We have perceived reports from a few business of aloft complement reboots after requesting firmware updates. Specifically, these systems are using Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both patron and information centre,” Shenoy said.

“We are operative fast with these business to understand, diagnose and residence this reboot issue. If this requires a revised firmware refurbish from Intel, we will discharge that refurbish by a normal channels. 

“We are also operative directly with information centre business to plead a issue.”

In a separate post, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich – who progressing this week betrothed confidence rags by a finish of a month – has made a three-step “security initial pledge” to a record industry.

These pledges, that Krzanich describes as “Intel’s commitments to a customers”, are as follows:

  1. Customer-First Urgency: By 15 Jan, we will have released updates for during slightest 90 per cent of Intel CPUs introduced in a past 5 years, with updates for a residue of these CPUs accessible by a finish of January. We will afterwards concentration on arising updates for comparison products as prioritized by a customers.
  2. Transparent and Timely Communications: As we hurl out program and firmware patches, we are training a good deal. We know that impact on opening varies widely, formed on a specific workload, height pattern and slackening technique. We dedicate to yield visit swell reports of patch progress, opening information and other information. These can be found during the website.
  3. Ongoing Security Assurance: Our customers’ confidence is an ongoing priority, not a one-time event. To accelerate a confidence of a whole industry, we dedicate to publicly brand poignant confidence vulnerabilities following manners of obliged avowal and, further, we dedicate to operative with a attention to share hardware innovations that will accelerate industry-level swell in traffic with side-channel attacks. We also dedicate to adding incremental appropriation for educational and eccentric investigate into intensity confidence threats.

According to reports, Intel also on this find sensitive staffers about a origination of a new confidence group. In a memo seen by the Oregonian, Krzanich tells employees: “It is vicious that we continue to work with a industry, to surpass during patron satisfaction, to act with formidable integrity, and to grasp a top standards of excellence.

“Simply put, we wish to safeguard we continue to respond appropriately, diligently, and with a customer-first attitude.”

The group, called Intel Product Assurance and Security, will reportedly be headed adult Intel tellurian resources arch Leslie Culbertson. µ



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