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Intel flogs Wind River software division to TPG

INTEL IS BACK TO FLOGGING off bits of its business it doesn’t really want by spinning off it’s Wind River software division to investment firm TPG.

Now you may be more familiar with Intel’s processors and a few other odd projects it sticks its nose into, but software isn’t really what you’d associate the brand with.

Yet back in 2009, Intel snapped up Wind River Systems for a cool $884m, which saw the firm get hold of embedded operating systems for things like factory robots and aircrafts and the so-called industrial Internet of Things.

However, Intel’s interests can be fickle so it’s decided to get rid of Wind River for an undisclosed amount, while it focuses its business products and services on the data.

“This move is designed to sharpen our focus on growth opportunities that align to Intel’s data-centric strategy,” said Tom Lantzsch, senior vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things Group at Intel.

“Wind River will remain an important ecosystem partner, and we will continue to collaborate on critical software-defined infrastructure opportunities to advance an autonomous future.”

Jim Douglas, president of Wind River, seemed pretty chuffed by the deal as well: “TPG will provide Wind River with the flexibility and financial resources to fuel our many growth opportunities as a standalone software company that enables the deployment of safe, secure, and reliable intelligent systems.”

Given more things are getting automated, we’d have thought Intel would have wanted to keep hold of Wind River and milk its potential; then again Intel has enough on its hands with its new chips and trying to fix flaws so having another business to look after could be a bit much.

TPG, on the other hand, looks to have a healthy appetite for Intel’s cast-offs as it previously snapped up half of the McAfee division which Intel sold last year for more than $4bn.

We guess time will tell if flogging off various division will do Intel much good in the long-run. µ



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