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Intel Coffee Lake trickle indicates 3 six-core LGA1151 tools with a 3.7GHz-4.3GHz top-of-the-range offering

With AMD’s Ryzen 3 launch imminent, some sum of Intel’s designed new Coffee Lake microprocessors have been leaked.

Intel is formulation to offer a contingent of six-core, 12-thread devices, with a leaked CPU-Z screenshot of an engineering representation suggesting they will container into Intel’s customary LGA1151 socket. The trickle also indicated a partial with a 3.5GHz bottom time speed, yet able of boosting to 4.3GHz on during slightest one core, and a 12MB level-3 cache. The rumours come courtesy of Guru3D.

It followed that up with a list of some-more sum on a 3 Coffee Lake parts, with a low-end partial charity a bottom core magnitude of 3.1GHz and a boost-clock (single core) of 4.2GHz, with all six-cores able of clocking during a “max core turbo frequency” of 3.9GHz. While that will have a limit TDP of 64-watts, a other dual will have 95-watts.

Intel CPU-Z Coffee Lake trickle

The second of a dual hexacore offerings will run during 3.2GHz, boosting to 3.6GHz in a singular core and 3.4GHz on all 6 cores. The high-end partial will run during a bottom time speed of 3.7GHz, boosting to 4.3GHz on a singular core and 4GHz on all six.

All 3 collection will support DDR4 with a 2400MHz integrated memory controller frequency. Only a cheaper of a 3 collection will not offer DDR overclocking.

Coffee Lake was ostensible to be appearing in 2018 during a 10nm fab node. Instead, though, Intel has put behind that severe production change and is producing Coffee Lake on a stream 14nm facilities, pulling adult wattage to yield a opening boost.

Table of sum of 3 leaked Intel Coffee Lake CPUs

AMD, meanwhile, is gearing adult for a approaching Ryzen 3 launch. Details leaked progressing this month prove that there will be only dual collection – a Ryzen 3 1200 and a Ryzen 3 1300X – both of that will be 4 core and 4 thread devices, which will be labelled during $109 and $129, respectively.

The Ryzen 3 1200 will offer a bottom time speed of 3.1GHz and a boost speed of 3.5GHz, while a Ryzen 3 1300X will run during 3.5GHz base, with 3.7GHz boost, according to a leaks. Both collection will have a same 2MB level-2 cache and 8MB level-3 cache of a Ryzen 5 parts. AMD is approaching to representation a Ryzen 3 as a sold, value choice for 1080p gaming, among other applications.  

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