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Inside Station F, a startup megacampus that only non-stop in Paris

Station F is a world’s biggest startup campus. Thousands of entrepreneurs are now relocating into a new building here in Paris. But if you’re still wondering what it indeed looks like, we visited Station F and interviewed a dual persons behind it — Roxanne Varza and Xavier Niel.

Station F is a large building that has been totally renovated and now facilities thousands of desks, dozens of discussion rooms, VC firms, a theatre and more. It’s a distance of a Eiffel Tower laying down, and it’s utterly considerable in person. Station F has been years in a making. French billionaire Xavier Niel spent hundreds of millions of euros to squeeze and renovate a building into a arrange of executive heart for a French tech ecosystem with Roxanne Varza during a helm.

The several open bureau areas are divided into many opposite pieces. Some chunks of a building are managed by Station F’s partners, such as Facebook, Zendesk, Vente-Privée, HEC, Microsoft, etc. Those large tech companies collect immature startups to come and work during Station F and combine with them.

Overall, Station F is a outrageous gamble on a destiny of a French tech ecosystem. If things are going good for French startups, people are going to demeanour during Station F as a earthy illustration of those successes.

Featured Image: Patrick Tourneboeuf/Tendance Floue

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