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Inenco chooses SnapLogic customer experience platform

Energy consultancy Inenco has selected the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud to help deliver improved customer experience globally.

Operating in one of the most data rich industries in the world, Inenco collects more than 3.8 million data points each day, which helps the company develop data-driven energy solutions and provide its customers with real-time and holistic energy data. However, managing and benefiting from this data has historically been difficult.

Over the years, the IT team at Inenco built and managed various in-house systems to collect energy data from each utility site. These systems and databases were not easily mapped to retrieve data pertinent to business users and customers. Data residing in those systems also came in different formats, resulting in tremendous time and effort for IT to transform data into a single, standardised format, and to eliminate data duplication.

This made it extremely difficult for users across the organisation to see a consolidated view of information to effectively manage day-to-day internal operations, to develop energy strategies and recommendations, or to provide customers with real-time energy data in their client portal. The inability to provide real-time rich data to fuel the organisation and improve its customer experience prompted Inenco to search for an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution.

SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud was selected because Ineco felt that the platform’s architecture allowed the IT team to easily map out customer data between on-premises and cloud systems and feed relevant data into the client portal, ultimately helping to optimise the company’s client portal experience.

Inenco states that it has dramatically reduced the time and effort spent on integration projects. Snaps allowed them to automate data integrations between data management systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Business users now have complete visibility of their customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can develop ad-hoc sales and marketing reports with real-time customer data.

“Although the myriad of systems we used kept the organisation running as usual, the backend office was inheriting an increasing technical debt. Now with SnapLogic we’re able to feed our client portal with rich data round-the-clock, enabling customers to gain the right insights on how to improve their utility consumption,” said Paul Scarborough, head of marketing at Inenco. “SnapLogic has become integral to our business in translating the numerous data sources coming in. As the flow of data within the business continues to grow, we have no doubt that SnapLogic will be able to perform and get the right information where it needs to be,” he added.



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