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I’m in adore with Astell&Kern’s crooked, beautiful, ridiculously costly MP3 player

It competence be old-fashioned, yet we find dedicated MP3 players smashing small devices. I’ve used tons over a years (the Zune HD is still a best) and I’m blissful to see they live on in some fashion, even if it’s as an objet d’art tangled with audiophile knick-knacks and a $700 cost tag: AstellKern’s Anorma SR15.

Look during that thing! The belligerent of a tech universe is dirty with anonymous-looking lozenges done to interest to as many people as possible. Then we have this thing.

What a pattern choice, to lean a shade like that and form a rest of a device from prism-like interrelated rectangles! The site even has a “design concept” page, on that it points out that this isn’t a quite cultured choice:

The slight angle and precise, aware fixing uncover a dull space and tones that fills a space.
From any angle, or possibly palm we reason your device, it does not impede a arrangement shade and offers a best grip.

Isn’t that wonderful? And it’s even kind of true! Those areas we so delicately equivocate with a fingers or thumbs are now grippable.

Meanwhile, a slanted shade also creates room for a knurled volume knob, while concurrently safeguarding it from neglected touches. And a angle of a shade creates for a visible spirit for a energy button.

I only adore how unsure this pattern is, how eye-catching, how concurrently unsentimental and impractical. We need most some-more of that in tech. This device has some-more celebrity than each iPhone given a 6 — combined.

Inside is a common blast of audio jargon: Cirrus Logic Dual DAC, local approach tide digital, 24-bit 192KHz playback, offset 2.5mm headphone out and a quad-core CPU to support it all. Do we need any of that? Probably not, yet a few people might, and during slightest you’ll be certain this thing will play flattering most anything we chuck during it and sound good doing so.

I’ve used a few of AK’s prior products, and can attest that they’re intensely well-built and feel good to use, yet a screens are a bit low-resolution and a UI can be lacking. The 3.3-inch shade isn’t going to blow anyone divided with a 800×480 resolution, yet it should be pointy enough, and a UI got a redo between a inclination I’ve used and a SR15. I’m fervent to see if it’s some-more fun to use now.

The Anorma SR15 is accessible now for anyone with a slot full of income to burn.

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