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If we wish to buy a tough drive, we need to review this

Which is a many arguable tough expostulate around these days? When it comes to avoiding inauspicious hoop failures, a tip code out there is HGST according to some new research.

This comes from Backblaze’s annual HDD statistics, that are by now utterly famous in terms of judging a relations sturdiness of tough drives, with a total being subsequent from a cloud storage firm’s substantial collection of 71,939 spinning disks in prolongation usage.

HGST accounted for 24,545 of those drives and gifted only 132 failures opposite a march of 2016, an enviable disaster rate of 0.6%.

Toshiba came second with a disaster rate of 1.27%, though this was over a really tiny representation of only 237 drives, so has to be taken with a splash of salt in that respect.

Seagate competence have been in third place with a disaster rate of 2.65%, though that was over a gigantic 45,531 disks. Western Digital brought adult a back with a disaster rate of 3.88% opposite 1,626 tough drives; again, a smaller sample, though a somewhat concerning high commission of expostulate deaths.

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Size does matter…

Going by distance of a tough hoop rather than brand, a ubiquitous trend is that a bigger a drive, a reduction expected it is to fail. 8TB drives had a disaster rate of 1.6%, with 6TB models on 1.76%, rising to 2.06% for 4TB tough disks.

The one disproportion to a order is that 3TB drives are indeed a slightest expected to destroy with a genocide rate of only 1.4% over a march of 2016.

Granted, there isn’t a large disproportion between 1.4% and 2.06%, though it’s still value temperament in mind that 3TB drives seem to be a many arguable overall, followed closely by 8TB models.

In Backblaze’s news for final year, HGST was also in stick position, despite with an altogether disaster rate of 1% that has been softened extremely this year, dropping to 0.6%. It’s transparent that if trustworthiness is a primary regard – and let’s face it, with tough drives it always is – HGST creates some top-notch disks.

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