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IDG Contributor Network: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations: undoing a outrageous 1990s mistake

Disclosure: Microsoft is a patron of a author.

Microsoft has done many vicious mistakes over a years. Something not odd in any firm. But one that seemed to me to be one of a many ridiculous was to take Windows NT, that was primarily singly focused on Servers and Workstations, and overlay elements of Windows 9x into it to emanate a some-more common formula base. That done clarity from a cost standpoint yet combined problems for all 3 groups. Windows Server had to afterwards overcome consumer messaging and elements, workstation users seemed to remove concentration entirely, and desktop users got some-more complexity afterwards they’d ever wanted or needed. 

Since afterwards a server height has turn some-more focused on servers, consumers have been removing a ton of additional focus, yet workstation users were still left out in a cold.  Until now, final week Microsoft announced they were going to again concentration on this vicious organisation of users a engineers and veteran creators that, while tiny in numbers, are vast in terms of their impact on a world. These are a people that literally pattern and build all we touch, see, live in, and go to fight with. This is not a organisation that ever should have taken a behind chair to anyone, and with Windows Pro for Workstations, they again get a concentration they should have always had. 

Workstation users

Engineers are a really special organisation of users in a corporation. This is one of a few groups who generally have a good understanding to contend about a hardware and program they use because, usually like high turn mechanics, their training and therefore capability is tied firmly to what they use. we once saw a association try to force an engineering organisation to use old-fashioned systems with a outcome being that engineers usually stayed with a organisation for about 6 months and this was one of a causes for a firm’s failure. If we don’t keep engineers happy it can not usually adversely impact your bottom line yet cause, as we observed, a organisation to fail.

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