Friday , 17 August 2018
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IDG Contributor Network: Sprinklr takes on the big boys of customer experience

So-called customer experience management (CXM) is a general term for technology solutions that help companies deliver all of the stuff that faces their customer — marketing, advertising, support services and the actually commercial transaction functions.

Different vendors approach it in different ways. Adobe, for example, comes to it from a creative perspective and goes heavy on the content creation tools. Salesforce and Microsoft, by comparison, have their start in CXM in the customer-relationship management aspects and hence are heavier on this more transactional area. But whichever way they approach it, increasingly the big technology vendors are thinking about what CXM means for them and how they can grasp the huge market opportunity that exists.

One company that doesn’t normally appear in the examples alongside Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe and the other big players is Sprinklr. The company calls itself a $1.8 billion startup — something of a contradiction from what I know of the startup world. No matter the nomenclature, who is this Sprinklr crowd?

The company has a presence in 150 countries and involvement with 1,200 customers including such high-profile ones as Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft (!), PG and Samsung. Sprinklr’s 1200 employees help these customers create customer experiences across the myriad of different social channels available to them. And while relatively unknown, it’s still a real player, having raised around a quarter of a billion dollars in investment in the few years since its founding.

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