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IDG Contributor Network: Making a business box for Alexa

I have been preoccupied with a thought of a personal voice partner given a day Amazon done their Echo inclination available. Once in awhile we come behind to it, try to write another skill, see what is new. we published a couple of articles on a topic. we onslaught to find a good use box for a business application. A lot of it has to do with technical limitations.

On Feb 23, 2017, Amazon published a blog post celebrating over 10,000 skills. The good news is that this is a three-fold boost given Sep of 2016. The bad news is that a infancy of a skills are solutions in hunt of problems.

According to Amazon, a tip customer-rated skills are interactive games. The tip 5 categories for skills are News, Gaming, Education/Reference, Lifestyle and Novelty/Humor. What’s lacking is any success with business apps. Allow me to take a gash during a explanation.

Kitchen-table conversations

Navigating a health word and other advantages information is always perplexing. My mother and we coordinate a advantage enrollments such that we any get what’s best for a family. That customarily happens during a self-evident kitchen table.

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