Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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IDG Contributor Network: Is a Microsoft WinBook coming?

Rumors are swirling that an proclamation from Microsoft about a Windows 10 Cloud OS is imminent.

What does that mean? It’s fundamentally a full Windows 10 knowledge pared down to turn a cloud usually complement though a ability to implement apps and with singular networking and appendage capability. Is this a good thing, or another Windows RT/Netbook disaster watchful to happen?

Microsoft needs to contest in several markets where Chromebooks are doing utterly well. The biggest is a education market, where Chromebooks outsell all other computing devices — including iPads and low-end PCs. But Microsoft needs to be clever if it doesn’t wish to repeat a disaster that was Netbooks.

Netbooks never lived adult to their hype. They were positively comparatively low cost, though their opening and a ensuing user compensation were awful. Low cost notebooks have finished comparatively good in some markets, though a app and confidence government beyond is utterly fatiguing for a preparation environment. Hence a no-management-needed WinBook would be unequivocally well-received.

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