Thursday , 22 March 2018
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IDG Contributor Network: 5 things we schooled from a HPE and GE IoT partnership

A few weeks ago during a Discovery conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) announced a partnership with GE Digital to raise their solutions for a industrial enterprise. The partnership centers around GE Digital’s Predix IoT platform. As partial of a agreement, HPE will turn a elite storage and infrastructure provider for GE Digital’s Predix. Also, to raise a use offerings around Predix, HPE will yield support for a design, doing and rollout of a Predix height by a services and infrastructure offerings. GE Digital will also precedence HPE record for many of a practical infrastructure as good as some OEM offerings.

Beyond a headlines, a partnership between GE Digital and HPE brings adult a organisation of engaging contribution about a industrial IoT marketplace that we trust are value discussing.

Predix’s credit continues flourishing within a record industry

The partnership with HPE is a really clever validation for a GE Predix platform. During a final few years, GE has invested heavily in digital technologies, including IoT. However, a craving program and open source communities have been rather doubtful about GE’s products. At a core, GE creates turbines and planes not software, right? We would be ridiculous to consider that way. GE Digital is apropos a applicable actor in areas like IoT that are going to be foundational to a subsequent era of craving software.

Industrial IoT is a vast boys’ game

The partnership between GE Digital and HPE is another instance of how industrial IoT solutions sojourn a marketplace dominated by incumbents. While there are many innovative startups in a craving IoT space, a goal vicious inlet of many industrial IoT solutions requires a resources and domain imagination of vast craving companies like HPE or GE.  

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