Sunday , 23 September 2018
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IDG Contributor Network: 5 things we learned from the HPE and GE IoT partnership

A few weeks ago during the Discovery conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) announced a partnership with GE Digital to expand their solutions for the industrial enterprise. The partnership centers around GE Digital’s Predix IoT platform. As part of the agreement, HPE will become the preferred storage and infrastructure provider for GE Digital’s Predix. Also, to enhance the service offerings around Predix, HPE will provide support for the design, implementation and rollout of the Predix platform through its services and infrastructure offerings. GE Digital will also leverage HPE technology for much of its virtual infrastructure as well as some OEM offerings.

Beyond the headlines, the partnership between GE Digital and HPE brings up a group of interesting facts about the industrial IoT market that I believe are worth discussing.

Predix’s credibility continues growing within the technology industry

The partnership with HPE is a very strong validation for the GE Predix platform. During the last few years, GE has invested heavily in digital technologies, including IoT. However, the enterprise software and open source communities have been somewhat skeptical about GE’s products. At its core, GE makes turbines and planes not software, right? We would be foolish to think that way. GE Digital is becoming a relevant player in areas like IoT that are going to be foundational to the next generation of enterprise software.

Industrial IoT is a big boys’ game

The partnership between GE Digital and HPE is another example of how industrial IoT solutions remain a market dominated by incumbents. While there are many innovative startups in the enterprise IoT space, the mission critical nature of most industrial IoT solutions requires the resources and domain expertise of big enterprise companies like HPE or GE.  

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