Monday , 21 May 2018
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ICO targets UKIP in use of domestic information investigation

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has announced that a ICO is targeting UKIP, among other organisations, in a grave review into a use of information analytics for domestic purposes.

Denham describes a review as being “designed to inspect how personal information was analysed to aim people as partial of domestic campaigning and have been quite focused on a EU Referendum campaign.”

In today’s announcement she explained that over 30 organisations including domestic parties and campaigns, information companies and amicable media platforms are being queried.

“Among those organisations is AggregateIQ, a Canadian-based company, used by a series of a campaigns,” Denham wrote.

She combined that some organisations have been co-operative, claiming that others had been harder to work with.

“A series of organisations have openly co-operated with us, answered a questions and intent with a investigation. But, others are creation it difficult. In some instances we have been incompetent to obtain a specific sum of work that contributed to a Referendum debate and we will be regulating each accessible authorised apparatus and operative with authorities abroad to find answers on interest of UK citizens.

“Other organisations have unsuccessful to be as extensive as we trust they need to be in responding a questions and have forced us to plead a orthodox powers to make grave final for information. The ICO has released 4 information notices as partial of a review including one to UKIP, who have now appealed a notice to a Information Rights Tribunal.”

Describing a review as a “high priority” for a ICO, Denham explained that a purpose is to ask “whether there was a authorised basement to use this information. Did people have a approach of sportive their remoteness rights?”

The Electoral Commission is also examining appropriation compared with a Referendum and will work with a ICO on this case.



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