Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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IBM says it is 3X more expensive to manage PCs than Macs

With Apple set to announce new Macs next week, enterprise users may want to open their wallets to get hold of the new kit, as there’s a big business case that says they should, according to IBM.

Up to $535 saving per Mac

IBM today told the record-setting seventh Jamf Nation User Conference that it is saving even more money by deploying Macs across the company than it thought: each Mac deployment saves the company up to $535 over four years, in contrast to the $270 per Mac it claimed last year.

That’s a hugely significant statistic for any Mac user and follows extensive use of the platform by IBM. IBM VP of Workplace as a Service, Fletcher Previn, told the conference that 90,000 employees are now using Macs, up from 30,000 in 2015. 100,000 of IBM’s global workforce will be using Macs by the end of the year, he said, and the number is climbing.

There are lots of reasons for this, not least that better OS software means Apple needs to update its systems far less often than Microsoft updates Windows. “We have to go out and manage the Mac environment 104 fewer times a year than PC,” Previn said.

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