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Huawei P11 recover date, news and rumors

The Huawei P10 is a good phone that offers many of what you’d pattern from a flagship in an easy to use package, though there’s zero stirring or innovative about a phone’s pattern or features.

That’s because we’ve put a heads together to come adult with a operation of improvements we’d like to see enclosed in a Huawei P11 when it fundamentally launches.

It’s a prolonged approach off for now, though subsequent you’ll find all of a early rumors and news about a Huawei P11, alongside a things we’d many like to see on a arriving Huawei phone.

Cut to a chase

  • What is it? Huawei’s subsequent flagship phone
  • When is it out? In 2018, pattern it during MWC subsequent year
  • What will it cost? Over $600 or £500, if it’s like a Huawei P10

Huawei P11 recover date

The Huawei P11 is approaching to launch during a start of 2018. Huawei’s VP of Handsets Product Line, Bruce Lee, told Android Central a association will “probably launch inclination during Mobile World Congress” in future.

MWC 2018 is reliable for subsequent Feb and we’d pattern Huawei to be there with a new flagship phone, that will be a year after a launch of a Huawei P10.

The association only suggested a new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro phablets too, that suggests a association is set to hang with a normal report and creates us consider a P11 will be prepared for Feb 2018.

Huawei P11 price

In terms of price, it’s not now transparent what Huawei will do – though we wish to see a cost dump for a subsequent version.  The Huawei P10 costs around £570 (roughly $710/AU$945), though wasn’t expelled in a US. 

Watch a video subsequent to see what has altered on a Huawei P10

Huawei P11 news and rumors

Little is famous for certain about a Huawei P11 during a moment, though we have listened a accumulation of rumors about a device.

Both a Honor 8 and Huawei P10 had really identical pattern and features, though it’s doubtful a newly launched Honor 9 with a glossy potion behind outcome will make Huawei change from a P11’s approaching steel formed design. 

One report from China also suggests a P11 will boat with a newly reliable Kirin 970. The P10 has a Huawei-made Kirin 960 chipset inside, so a new chronicle of that would make clarity for a device and it is now reliable a new processor set adult will entrance on a Mate 10, that will launch in Oct 2017.

Usually Huawei debuts a new chipset tech on a Mate line and brings it to a P device later, so we pattern that to occur again for a Huawei P11.

The same source also suggests a phone will boat with 8GB of RAM onboard, in a identical pierce to this year’s OnePlus 5.

There’s also word from that source that suggests a Huawei P11 will boat with a 4K display. That’s doubtful deliberation Huawei has continued to use Full HD panels in a phones adult until now, though it would be engaging to see a association make a device to keep gait with a Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

We are constantly updating this square on a latest Huawei P11 rumors, so be certain to check behind for some-more soon.

Huawei P11: what we wish to see

Although rumors and leaks are skinny on a belligerent during a moment, we’ve put together a list of a things we’d like to see Huawei softened for a P11. Here’s all we have a fingers crossed to see on a Huawei P11.

1. A voice assistant

The Huawei P10 didn’t come with an easy to use voice assistant. Amazon Alexa is accessible on a Huawei Mate 9 in a US, though not on a P10, and now Google Assistant isn’t accessible for a Huawei P10 either.

The miss of Google Assistant is a shame, though Huawei is aiming to get Google’s supporter onto a phone during a after date. We wish Huawei settles on what voice partner should be used on a Huawei P11, and that it launches with one on day one.

2. Better battery life

One of a categorical criticisms of a Huawei P10 was a bad battery life. 

We found it to be a hold worse than a Huawei P9 that went before it, so we wish that Huawei puts a lot of bid in to boost a battery life on a Huawei P11.

3. A softened USP

Perhaps a biggest problem with a Huawei P10 was a miss of a large offered point. There’s no sold reason to buy this phone – it’s only all turn a good handset, and we’d like to see an softened USP prepared for a P11.

What accurately that should be, we’re not wholly certain. Hopefully Huawei has something adult a sleeve to assistance tackle a large offered facilities that other companies such as Samsung and Apple offer.

4. Lower price

Huawei has been usually augmenting a prices for a past few years and a P10 is one of a many costly phones a association has made.

We wish that for a Huawei P11 a association decides to dump a cost down a little, to make it a some-more appetizing buy compared to a other flagship inclination on a market.

5. Google Daydream support

The Huawei P10 doesn’t work with a practical existence headset, so we wish a subsequent phone from Huawei will be a partial of Google’s Daydream module and bond with a Google Daydream View headset.

Huawei has formerly reliable it’s operative on a practical existence headset too, though there’s been no central proclamation so distant on where a headset is in production.

6. A US release

That’s a flattering elementary one, though it’s a large contrition a Huawei P10 never strictly launched in a US and we’d like to see that be a priority for a P11. We know there are many people in a US looking brazen to regulating a Huawei phone, so because not supply a flagship to them?

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