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HP Omen 17 (2017) review: You get a lot of gaming laptop for a money

When we reviewed HP’s 17-inch Omen gaming laptop final year, we found it to be a little boring, though packaged with a ton of comprehensive hardware during a unequivocally appealing price. HP’s behind this year with a new Omen design, though that ubiquitous outline still binds true. This is not a fanciest high-end gaming laptop we’ve seen. Nor is it a comprehensive fastest. Nonetheless, other brands assign hundreds some-more for a same simple specs, mostly with little or no opening advantage. we demur to call a $2,000+ Omen 17 a “bargain,” though we unequivocally get a lot of crash for your buck.

The new design

HP has softened on a walking pattern of final year’s Omen with a demeanour that brings to mind a figure of a complicated Lamborghini. It’s all pointed atmosphere vents and CO fiber-like texturing (no, it’s not indeed CO fiber).

hp feeling overhead IDG/Jason Cross

The new Omen is still unequivocally plastic, though it during slightest looks kind of like a carbon-fiber outlandish car.

The new pattern allows for improved cooling and increases limit intensity airflow by about 20 percent, though it doesn’t come free. At 33mm, it’s still thinner than a lot of other 17-inch gaming laptops, though a bottom weight though a energy section creeps adult to 8 pounds, 3 ounces—a full bruise heavier than final year’s version.

hp feeling vents IDG/Jason Cross

No, it’s not a Lamborghini Aventador, though a pointed vents try to plan that arrange of image.

The new Omen 17 is packaged with ports, many of them on a left. You get Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, ethernet, USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type A, USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type C, headset, microphone, and an SD label reader. Good news! That Type-C pier also supports Thunderbolt 3, a underline sorely blank from a 2016 model.

hp feeling ports left IDG/Jason Cross

HP finally combined a Type-C connector with Thunderbolt 3 support.

Not adequate USB for you? The right side has another span of Type-A connectors, ancillary USB 3.1 (Gen 1), along with a energy block (a customary tub connector).

hp feeling ports right IDG/Jason Cross

Without an contentment of USB ports, how are we going to block in that VR rig?

We finished special note of a 2016 Omen’s bad serviceability relations to other large gaming laptops. There was usually one little doorway giving we entrance to a RAM, and any other upgrades (like a new tough drive) would need some-more finish disassembly. HP has altered behind in a 2017 design. You can’t get inside at all though stealing during slightest 10 screws and pulling off a whole bottom.

hp feeling bottom IDG/Jason Cross

If we wish to make upgrades, you’re going to have to mislay a garland of screws.

The full-size keyboard is a same as final year’s, finish with red LED backlighting, a full ten-key keypad, and a quarrel of macro keys on a left. The touchpad hasn’t changed, either: It works good enough, though falls distant brief of a best Windows touchpads like those on a Surface Book or Surface Laptop.

hp feeling lights IDG/Jason Cross

You can collect any keyboard tone we want, as prolonged as it’s red.

Bang for a buck

The 17-inch Omen we reviewed final year was important for giving we lots of high-end hardware during a unequivocally reasonable price. That still binds true, and it’s still a biggest strength of HP’s gaming cover line.

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