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HP Officejet Pro 8740 All-in-One Printer

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Introduction, Design Features

2012 Editors' Choice Logo

Among a many successful multifunction printers (MFPs) in new years has been HP’s 2014 Officejet Pro 8630 All-in-One Printer—also, not coincidentally, one of a highest-rated Editors’ Choice recipients (4.5 out of 5 stars) over a past few years. An all-in-one (AIO) printer contingency reason adult good underneath a inspection and stir us to accept so high a score.

Alas, all good things contingency eventually get rested and replaced.

Now, it’s time to speak about not usually a Officejet Pro 8630’s replacement, yet also a retirement of a whole Officejet Pro 8600 series, that includes a 8600, 8610, 8620, and a 8630 flagship model. The 8630 is many like a 8620, reduction a former model’s second drawer. In a same way, aside from dropping a few features, such as an auto-duplexing ADF (and, of course, that second drawer), a 8610 is many like a 8620.

HP Officejet Pro 8740

HP’s new era was denounced in early Mar 2016. The Palo Alto printer hulk introduced, along with 15 to 20 other printer models, a Officejet Pro 8700 series, that enclosed a flagship, today’s examination unit. The $399.99-MSRP Officejet Pro 8740 All-in-One Printer, as you’ll see over a march of this review, is no incremental refurbish to a Officejet Pro 8630. Apart from some identical specs, these dual printers don’t have a lot in common—especially, as shown in a picture below, in appearance…

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (Old and New)

In fact, this series, including a Officejet Pro 8740 examination unit, that we’ll plead in some fact in a Design Features territory next, looks utterly opposite from any inkjet AIO we’ve seen, now or in a past.

In serve to a Officejet Pro 8740, on Mar 8 HP also denounced a Officejet Pro 8710, that is a bit of an outlier. In serve to having, as you’d expect, features reduced versus a Officejet Pro 8740, it’s dim gray (unlike a 8720, 8730, and 8740) and looks some-more like a previous-gen 8610 than a other 3 new releases do. The Officejet Pro 8720, 8730, and 8740 are some-more of a kind, with several facilities in common, including legal-size (8.5×14-inch) duplex printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, and single-pass duplex scanning.

We pattern all of these features, as good as a important per-page cost of operation (what we call a “cost per page,” or CPP) for both black-and-white and tone pages, from any business-centric inkjet that lists for $400. That’s not a top extent for business inkjets these days, yet it’s a reward machine. We’ll demeanour during a CPP, as good as this AIO’s versatile paper-handling options, in a Setup Paper Handling territory after on. But a teaser: If we devise to imitation and/or duplicate during levels tighten to this machine’s tangible 30,000-page monthly avocation cycle, a CPP here is substantially a bit too high. That’s compared to some other comparatively high-volume models, including HP’s possess significantly some-more costly PageWide Pro 577dw Multifunction Printer we reviewed a few weeks ago.

Of course, occasionally is it a good thought to lift any printer to a comprehensive extent suggested limit, month in and month out. If we have duplicate needs that heavy, we need to buy a printer with a bit some-more overhead. That said, this AIO’s CPP is about right for what it is, if we use it for good underneath HP’s endorsed monthly duplicate limit, or “duty cycle”—even yet $399 is a bit pricey for a printer in this class. Printer pricing is an ever-moving target, though, and if a Officejet Pro 8740 behaves on a open marketplace as a prototype did, it will spend many of a time on sale during around $299, that we consider is a many some-more suitable cost given a competition. (At this writing, that remained to be seen, though.)

All that said, as common with HP, you’re profitable for character and innovation, as good as dependability and quality. For many users, those resources are value a reward price. And we consider that many folks would be happy with this printer possibly they paid an additional $50 or $100 for it, or not. Pricing quibbles aside, a Officejet Pro 8740 is a really fine—and refined—small business and micro-office printer.

Design Features

As we settled earlier, a Officejet Pro 8740’s pattern is opposite from that of any other printer we’ve seen to date. The altogether demeanour is roughly aerodynamic, maybe even rather visitor compared to what we’re used to. That’s generally loyal of a outlay bed, that is indeed a recessed area behind a control panel, as shown here…

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (Output Tray)

The outlay bin, that we’ll plead in larger fact in a Setup Paper Handling territory entrance up, isn’t a usually singular aspect of this AIO’s design. The large 4.3-inch tone reason control row isn’t indispensably different; however, a approach it is mounted, still in that bound square of cosmetic designed to reason printed pages as they hurl off a imitation path, is partial of a opposite form of outlay tray than what we’ve seen before.

Also an effective rethink is a 50-sheet auto-duplexing involuntary request tributary (ADF). ADFs, of course, feed multipage originals to a scanner bed for scanning or copying; auto-duplexing ADFs indicate both sides of a pages automatically, though your carrying to flip them manually. This duplexer, on a other hand, takes things a step serve than that; it is a “single-pass” model, definition that it contains dual imaging mechanisms for a coexisting scanning of double-sided pages, one atop a page as it comes through, and one below.

Since a single-pass resource doesn’t need a ADF to indicate one side, lift a strange page behind into a ADF, flip it, and afterwards indicate a other side, this ADF pattern creates for not usually a faster process, yet a some-more arguable one. There’s reduction tangible mileage achieved by a rollers and mechanism.

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (USB Port)

ADF scanning and copying, as good as other “walkup,” or PC-free tasks (such as duplicate from or scanning to a USB ride drive, a cloud site, or a network drive), are rubbed from a touch-enabled control row mentioned above and shown here…

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (Control Panel)

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (Panel  Output)

When it comes to preference and capability features, we’re usually removing started. Like many of HP’s (and many other vendors’) higher-end, higher-volume AIOs, this one comes with a built-in Web server for not usually configuring a printer itself, yet also behaving many tasks accessible around a control panel. It’s also probable to reconfigure a coming of a arrangement itself—or during slightest to control what options seem there, and in what order.

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (Web Server)

For example, we could pierce all of your workgroup’s many renouned and fit tasks to a initial screens of a control panel, censor options from specific users, or password-protect stored data. From here, we can also configure and allot SSL encryption and other forms of security, all around both a embedded Web server and a control panel.

We mentioned that a ADF and a imitation engine are duplex-capable, in that they’ll both routine multipage, two-sided papers though user intervention, and that a ADF is single-pass. Also value noting: Both a scanner’s ADF and a printer’s duplexer support legal-size (8.5×14-inch) pages, where roughly all other machines (except wide-format models, of course) scan, copy, and fax letter-size (8.5×11-inch) sheets only.

Furthermore, in serve to all we’ve mentioned so far, including a mobile connectivity options, a Officejet Pro 8740 supports a latest in peer-to-peer connections, including Wireless Direct (HP’s chronicle of Wi-Fi Direct) and Near-Field Communication (NFC). The former, in box you’re unknown with it, allows we to bond your Android smartphone or inscription to a Officejet Pro 8740 or likewise versed printers though possibly device being connected to a network. The latter lets we imitation by touching your Android smartphone or inscription to a hotspot on a printer.

In this case, that hotspot is located on a right side of a control panel, circled in red in a picture below…

HP Officejet Pro 8740 (NFC Spot)

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