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HP DeskJet 3630 review

In many ways, HP’s new DeskJet 3630 is an comprehensive bargain. This compress multi-function device offers a printer, scanner and copier, finish with Wi-Fi connectivity and even support for Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices.

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HP DeskJet 3630 review: Price

One of a cheapest all-in-one printers we’ve seen we can buy a 3630 from HP for usually £39. It’s a same cost on Amazon, too.

That low cost will positively interest to home users on a bill but, inevitably, HP has had to make a few compromises to trim a cost down so low.

HP DeskJet 3630 review: Features and design

The cosmetic surrounding is rather groundless and rattles a bit while printing, though HP’s Printer Assistant program does offer a Quiet Mode that slows a imitation resource down a small and reduces a sound turn utterly noticeably.

HP DeskJet 3630 review

The Printer Assistant also helps to make adult for a small LCD display, that is usually one in. far-reaching and does small some-more than arrangement a series of pages that have been printed. Fortunately, a Printer Assistant provides a candid graphical interface that provides easy entrance to evidence features, Wi-Fi set up, and a scanner controls.

HP DeskJet 3630 review: Performance

Text peculiarity is reasonable for such an inexpensive printer, though does leave room for improvement. The speed of 8.5 pages per notation is ideally respectable, nonetheless content outlay is a small heavy. It will be excellent for copy slight letters or an letter for a kids’ homework, though it lacks a well-spoken content outlines that we can get from some of a best inkjet printers. If we work from home afterwards we competence cite a some-more costly printer for your business papers and letters.


Text copy is costly too. The customary distance black ink cartridge (HP 302) lasts for a small 190 pages, and during £10.99 from Amazon that works out during roughly 6p per page. The XL cartridge (£22 from HP) is usually somewhat better, bringing a cost down to 4.5p per page, that is still good above normal for an inkjet printer.

Fortunately, colour copy is a some-more appealing choice all round. The DeskJet’s colour graphics work good for graphs and charts for propagandize reports and presentations, nonetheless they do delayed a printer down to around 4ppm. Our postcard imitation prints incited out to be a pleasing surprise, too. The contrariety on a silken postcard exam prints could, perhaps, have been a small crisper, though that’s nit-picking during this cost and a DeskJet 3630 can positively hoop a occasional selfie imitation for your friends.

And, oddly, colour copy turns out to be some-more affordable too. The customary distance tri-colour cartridge – that binds all 3 cyan, magenta and yellow inks – costs £13 and lasts for about 165 pages. That’s a small underneath 8p per page, that isn’t bad during all, and if we opt for a HP 302 XL tri-colour cartridge (£18.15 from Amazon) that cost drops to about 6.5p, that is indeed utterly rival for inkjet printing. The usually waste with a tri-colour cartridge is that we have to reinstate a whole cartridge even if usually one of a 3 inks runs out.

The DeskJet 3630 can also be used with HP’s Instant Ink subscription service, that can save we a bit some-more money. You can find out some-more in a HP Instant ink vs Epson Ecotank comparison.  However, a low-cost printer such as this is clearly usually dictated for occasional use during home, so a monthly subscription that assumes a certain turn of unchanging use competence not be a best approach of handling your copy costs.

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