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How to watch March Madness 2018: Livestream every game online from anywhere

March Madness is now well underway, as the three-week contest pits 68 of the country’s top college basketball teams against each other in a knock-out format.

The tournament is keenly followed by sports fans around the world, who compare their brackets against friends and co-workers in a bid to predict the ultimate winners.

Having started last week, March Madness matches now continue up until the final on April 2nd – and if you want to catch the games online, you’re in luck!

Here is our quick and easy guide for how to watch all the March Madness action online from anywhere in the world, without any commercial breaks.

So whether you’re in the US, Canada, India, Italy or absolutely anywhere else with an internet connection, we’ll help you tune in.

1. How to watch March Madness 2018 online

This is the best way to watch March Madness 2018 online – from absolutely anywhere in the world – without any commercial breaks:

 The best 3 VPNs for streaming sports online
1. ExpressVPN:  the best all-round VPN for streaming, comes with 30-day trial
2. NordVPN: SmartPlay tech makes NordVPN a great choice for streaming
3. VyprVPN: blazing speeds make VyprVPN a great choice for 4K video

2. Connect to the appropriate server location
Simply open the VPN app, hit ‘choose location’ and select the appropriate location – it doesn’t matter which one and it’s super easy to do.

3. Access the NCAA App OR Check out
Scroll down to the next paragraph to get all the details.

2. How to watch March Madness 2018 in the US in its entirety:

1. Watch online

Good news  – if you are in the US, this will be fairly straightforward, as every single March Madness game will be broadcast on either TBS, TNT, TruTV or CBS.

You can also stream every game on the NCAA’s March Madness Live app, which also offers live scores and stats, game notifications, social media links, and an interactive bracket.

However if you don’t have a US cable account, you’ll need to seek an alternative solution – using an another content provider, alongside a VPN.

2. Go to Several online US-based TV streaming services offer the above channels as part of their bundles and a few of them offer trials and the best one is YoutubeTV, an official Google product. 

The service costs $40 a month, but you can also trial it for 30 days; the ability to record to the cloud and hold up to six accounts per household (and 3 simultaneous streams per membership) are its most alluring selling points. You can watch it on most devices and there are no fees for canceling.

However, you will need a US IP address in order to access all of the above and if you are outside the US, you will need to get an IP address located there by using a VPN.

Where can I watch March Madness 2018 using a VPN?

A VPN will enable you to watch March Madness from literally anywhere. So that obviously includes: US, UK, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Romania, Mexico, France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Kenya, Hungary, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Egypt and more!

3. How to watch March Madness 2018 in the UK in its entirety:

If you’re outside the US, it may be a bit trickier to get a stream of the March Madness action. No free-to-air network in the UK is showing the action live, but there are other options.

ESPN is making the tournament available to viewers in EMEA through its ESPN Player service

Available on desktop, iPad and mobile, ESPN Player’s coverage begins on Tuesday 14 March and runs through five rounds to the National Championship game on the night of Monday 3 April covering 67 games in three weeks. 

ESPN’s March Madness Pass will provide fans with unlimited access to the tournament for just £19.99. 

Viewers can stream all the action to the big screen with Apple TV (via Airplay) and Chromecast compatibility, with the subscription also including access to three channels simulcast 24/7 direct from the US, including college sports dedicated ESPNU. 

It is also possible using Sling TV, a VPN and a PayPal account.

Sling TV is another subscription-based service which offers live and on-demand programming – including March Madness. Although typically geoblocked outside of the US, Sling TV can be unlocked using a VPN, using the process we detailed above.

Once you have set up your account (which can be a 7-day free trial) and established your Sling TV account using a VPN, you will be able to watch March Madness in its entirety.

Stay safe during March Madness 2018

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