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How to watch international coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing, but watching online via NBC can be more pain than its worth. Fortunately, there are other ways of watching your favorite sports: You can use a VPN to view streams from Canada, Australia, and (for some), the United Kingdom, as long as you don’t mind coverage not focused on American competitors.

Many VPNs will likely work with the Australian and Canadian streams, but if you don’t already have a provider, here’s a rundown of three VPNs that will work—including a free option. We’ve also got details on connecting with BBC’s iPlayer, because that one’s a little trickier.



Streaming the Olympics from Canada is done through the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The CBC doesn’t require any special login. All you have to do is visit the CBC’s Olympics site via a Canadian VPN connection, and you’re good to go.

Here are the VPNs that we’ve tested that work, with pricing based on each provider’s month-to-month cost:

1) The top choice for the streaming the Olympics from Canada is Windscribe. (Read our review here.) The service offers up to 10GB per month for free, meaning it may not cost you anything at all to watch the Olympics with this VPN. If you do choose to pay, Windscribe charges $9 monthly for its pro service. Windscribe worked on PC and Android browsers in our tests. If you find Android isn’t working, turn off your phone’s GPS feature, clear your browser cookies, and try again.

2) If you don’t mind a slightly unfriendly interface, then Private Internet Access is a great choice. (Read our review here.) This VPN costs $6.95 per month—don’t forget to cancel after the Olympics end on Sunday, February 25—and in our tests the VPN made it possible to stream CBC Olympics content on PC and Android.

3) If you need something more user-friendly, then try TunnelBear with its interactive map. (Read our review here.) TunnelBear is a little pricier at $10 per month. It also has a free service, but it’s capped at 500MB per month. Such a small amount of data won’t get you very far with video streaming. TunnelBear worked on PC and Android in our tests.



Olympics streaming in Australia happens on that country’s Seven Network. In our tests, all of the same VPN services that worked in Canada worked equally well for Australia; however, Windscribe‘s free version won’t work as the Australia server is a subscriber-only location.

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