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How to view all films on Netflix: Make Netflix easier to browse

Why is Netflix so difficult to browse? If you’re among those desperate to get a single list of all films on Netflix, help is finally at hand. Here’s how to view all films on Netflix, sorted by genre. Also see: What to watch on Netflix: The 100 best movies on Netflix UK.

How to view all films on Netflix: Summary

Netflix has many more genres than it shows you on the home page, and many more films within those genres than what it recommends to you. To see a full list of all films within each genre, type into a browser where # is the unique identifier for that genre, for example 1365 for Action Adventure, and 5475 for RomComs. We’ve got a full list of Netflix codes below.

How to view all films on Netflix: Step-by-step guide

Netflix seems determined to upset its users. Not only does it offer better content in the US than it does in the UK (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get American Netflix), but it makes what is available frustratingly difficult to browse.

Think back to the days of video-rental shops such as Blockbuster Video. You’d go in, browse through shelves of DVDs, then go home with the least offensive. Imagine if half the shop was cordened off, and you could rent any film you liked stored within that hidden section, but you had to know it was there in order to ask for it. That’s the Netflix approach.

On Netflix’s home screen you’ll find a selection of films sorted into categories such as Suggested for you, New releases, and certain genres (you can select a new genre from the menu options, too). But if Netflix doesn’t recommend a film or genre to you, the only way you’ll know it’s there is through the Search option.

The problem is sometimes, Netflix, we just don’t know what we want to watch. Sometimes we just want a list of everything you’ve got – why is that so difficult?

Netflix has many more genres than it shows you on the home page, and many more films within those genres than what it recommends to you. But using a browser you can view all the available films within a genre, so you know exactly what to search for if you’d rather watch it on a phone, tablet or TV than your PC or laptop browser.

Credit for this workaround goes to What’s On Netflix, which clearly thought finding movies on Netflix was such an issue it created a website based on it.

By typing into a browser where # is the unique identifier for that genre, you can view all films within that genre. It’s still not the full list we were after, and it relies on how well a film has been tagged, although it’s definitely an improvement on what we had before.

We’ve listed all the unique identifiers below, and we’ve also made each identifier a link to the content for your ease of use. Be sure to bookmark your favourites for searching later.

Note that you will need to sign into Netflix before you can browse the categories.

Netflix sub-genre unique identifier codes

Action Adventure (1365)
Asian Action Movies (77232)
Classic Action Adventure (46576)
Action Comedies (43040)
Action Thrillers (43048)
Adventures (7442)
Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)
Westerns (7700)
Spy Action Adventure (10702)
Crime Action Adventure (9584)
Foreign Action Adventure (11828)
Martial Arts Movies (8985)
Military Action Adventure (2125)
Anime (7424)
Adult Animation (11881)
Anime Action (2653)
Anime Comedies (9302)
Anime Dramas (452)
Anime Features (3063)
Anime Sci-Fi (2729)
Anime Horror (10695)
Anime Fantasy (11146)
Anime Series (6721)
Children Family Movies (783)
Movies for ages 0 to 2 (6796)
Movies for ages 2 to 4 (6218)
Movies for ages 5 to 7 (5455)
Movies for ages 8 to 10 (561)
Movies for ages 11 to 12 (6962)
Education for Kids (10659)
Disney (67673)
Movies based on children’s books (10056)
Family Features (51056)
TV Cartoons (11177)
Kids’ TV (27346)
Kids Music (52843)
Animal Tales (5507)
Classic Movies (31574)
Classic Comedies (31694)
Classic Dramas (29809)
Classic Sci-Fi Fantasy (47147)
Classic Thrillers (46588)
Film Noir (7687)
Classic War Movies (48744)
Epics (52858)
Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Silent Movies (53310)
Classic Westerns (47465)
Comedies (6548)
Dark Comedies (869)
Foreign Comedies (4426)
Late Night Comedies (1402)
Mockumentaries (26)
Political Comedies (2700)
Screwball Comedies (9702)
Sports Comedies (5286)
Stand-up Comedy (11559)
Teen Comedies (3519)
Satires (4922)
Romantic Comedies (5475)
Slapstick Comedies (10256)
Cult Movies (7627)
B-Horror Movies (8195)
Campy Movies (1252)
Cult Horror Movies (10944)
Cult Sci-Fi Fantasy (4734)
Cult Comedies (9434)
Documentaries (6839)
Biographical Documentaries (3652)
Crime Documentaries (9875)
Foreign Documentaries (5161)
Historical Documentaries (5349)
Military Documentaries (4006)
Sports Documentaries (180)
Music Concert Documentaries (90361)
Travel Adventure Documentaries (1159)
Political Documentaries (7018)
Religious Documentaries (10005)
Science Nature Documentaries (2595)
Social Cultural Documentaries (3675)
Dramas (5763)
Biographical Dramas (3179)
Classic Dramas (29809)
Courtroom Dramas (528582748)
Crime Dramas (6889)
Dramas based on Books (4961)
Dramas based on real life (3653)
Tearjerkers (6384)
Foreign Dramas (2150)
Sports Dramas (7243)
Gay Lesbian Dramas (500)
Independent Dramas (384)
Teen Dramas (9299)
Military Dramas (11)
Period Pieces (12123)
Political Dramas (6616)
Romantic Dramas (1255)
Showbiz Dramas (5012)
Social Issue Dramas (3947)
Faith Spirituality (26835)
Faith Spirituality Movies (52804)
Spiritual Documentaries (2760)
Kids Faith Spirituality (751423)
Foreign Movies (7462)
Art House Movies (29764)
Foreign Action Adventure (11828)
Classic Foreign Movies (32473)
Foreign Comedies (4426)
Foreign Documentaries (5161)
Foreign Dramas (2150)
Foreign Gay Lesbian Movies (8243)
Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
Foreign Sci-Fi Fantasy (6485)
Foreign Thrillers (10306)
Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)
African Movies (3761)
Australian Movies (5230)
Belgian Movies (262)
Korean Movies (5685)
Latin American Movies (1613)
Middle Eastern Movies (5875)
New Zealand Movies (63782)
Russian (11567)
Scandinavian Movies (9292)
Southeast Asian Movies (9196)
Spanish Movies (58741)
Greek Movies (61115)
German Movies (58886)
French Movies (58807)
Eastern European Movies (5254)
Dutch Movies (10606)
Irish Movies (58750)
Japanese Movies (10398)
Italian Movies (8221)
Indian Movies (10463)
Chinese Movies (3960)
British Movies (10757)
Gay Lesbian Movies (5977)
Gay Lesbian Comedies (7120)
Gay Lesbian Dramas (500)
Romantic Gay Lesbian Movies (3329)
Foreign Gay Lesbian Movies (8243)
Gay Lesbian Documentaries (4720)
Gay Lesbian TV Shows (65263)
Horror Movies (8711)
B-Horror Movies (8195)
Creature Features (6895)
Cult Horror Movies (10944)
Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)
Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
Horror Comedy (89585)
Monster Movies (947)
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646)
Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
Teen Screams (52147)
Vampire Horror Movies (75804)
Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)
Zombie Horror Movies (75405)
Satanic Stories (6998)
Independent Movies (7077)
Experimental Movies (11079)
Independent Action Adventure (11804)
Independent Thrillers (3269)
Romantic Independent Movies (9916)
Independent Comedies (4195)
Independent Dramas (384)
Music (1701)
Kids Music (52843)
Country Western/Folk (1105)
Jazz Easy Listening (10271)
Latin Music (10741)
Urban Dance Concerts (9472)
World Music Concerts (2856)
Rock Pop Concerts (3278)
Musicals (13335)
Classic Musicals (32392)
Disney Musicals (59433)
Showbiz Musicals (13573)
Stage Musicals (55774)
Romantic Movies (8883)
Romantic Favorites (502675)
Quirky Romance (36103)
Romantic Independent Movies (9916)
Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)
Romantic Dramas (1255)
Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)
Classic Romantic Movies (31273)
Romantic Comedies (5475)
Sci-Fi Fantasy (1492)
Action Sci-Fi Fantasy (1568)
Alien Sci-Fi (3327)
Classic Sci-Fi Fantasy (47147)
Cult Sci-Fi Fantasy (4734)
Fantasy Movies (9744)
Sci-Fi Adventure (6926)
Sci-Fi Dramas (3916)
Sci-Fi Horror Movies (1694)
Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
Foreign Sci-Fi Fantasy (6485)
Sports Movies (4370)
Sports Comedies (5286)
Sports Documentaries (180)
Sports Dramas (7243)
Baseball Movies (12339)
Football Movies (12803)
Boxing Movies (12443)
Soccer Movies (12549)
Martial Arts, Boxing Wrestling (6695)
Basketball Movies (12762)
Sports Fitness (9327)
Thrillers (8933)
Action Thrillers (43048)
Classic Thrillers (46588)
Crime Thrillers (10499)
Foreign Thrillers (10306)
Independent Thrillers (3269)
Gangster Movies (31851)
Psychological Thrillers (5505)
Political Thrillers (10504)
Mysteries (9994)
Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
Spy Thrillers (9147)
Steamy Thrillers (972)
Supernatural Thrillers (11140)
TV Shows (83)
British TV Shows (52117)
Classic TV Shows (46553)
Crime TV Shows (26146)
Cult TV Shows (74652)
Food Travel TV (72436)
Kids’ TV (27346)
Korean TV Shows (67879)
Miniseries (4814)
Military TV Shows (25804)
Science Nature TV (52780)
TV Action Adventure (10673)
TV Comedies (10375)
TV Documentaries (10105)
TV Dramas (11714)
TV Horror (83059)
TV Mysteries (4366)
TV Sci-Fi Fantasy (1372)
Reality TV (9833)
Teen TV Shows (60951)

You’ll find even more Netflix sub-genres here.

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