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How to use Snapchat new features: Filters, Lenses & Chat 2.0

Another Snapchat refurbish has combined new facilities with Chat 2.0. You’ll find new stickers, video notes, audio records and even calls in Chat 2.0, that was expelled on 29 March.  Here’s how to use a new facilities in Snapchat Chat 2.0, as good as lenses, filters, stories and more. If we have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus there’s now support for Force Touch, too. Also see: How to refurbish Snapchat and Snapchat can do what it likes with your messages, even publicly arrangement them – should we be worried?

How to use new Snapchat Chat 2.0

First, here’s a list of all of a new changes in Chat 2.0:

  • 200 Stickers accessible in private chats.
  • Video Notes that let we record 10 seconds of video that’ll loop when your crony watches.
  • Audio Notes that let we record audio if we imagination replying in strain or can’t form right now.
  • Video and Audio Calls that turns Snapchat into a phone choice and brings it closer to rivals like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • Multiple photos can be sent in Chat 2.0 during once.
  • Send photos during video and audio calls.

To entrance Chat 2.0, appropriate right on a strike we wish to speak to. This’ll open a Chat window with that contact.

Tap a picture on a left to send mixed images, a phone idol to start an audio call, a round in a centre to open a camera, a video idol to start a video call or a smiley face to entrance stickers.

You can daub and reason on a phone idol to record and send an audio message, and a same goes for a video idol for a video message.

Note that your crony will need to have updated to a new chronicle of Snapchat if we wish to use these facilities with them.

How to use new Snapchat Daily lenses: How to use Snapchat lenses

Lenses are one of a many renouned facilities of Snapchat – after a ability to send videos/photos that end after 10 seconds, of course. It seems that Snapchat has also beheld this, with a photo-sharing giants charity a ability for a business to buy (with genuine life money) lenses to be used during any time. The organisation has given scrapped a thought of offered Lenses, and to stop a underline apropos stagnated, has introduced a new system. Instead of charity a same operation of lenses on a day-to-day basis, a preference is updated daily, stealing a oldest Snapchat lens and replacing it with a formula new one. Don’t worry, yet – if we did buy any lenses, these will still be henceforth accessible to you.

One of a many treacherous things to new Snapchat users is how to entrance these lenses. Turn a camera so your face is on a phone’s shade as if we were to take a selfie, afterwards daub and reason on your face until a filigree appears. Now release. Snapchat will bucket several lenses to a side of a constraint button, that we can slip by to access. Many will need we to open your mouth to get a full outcome – you’ll feel (and substantially look) stupid doing so in public, though during slightest we now know because a kids are pulling such bizarre faces.

How to use new Snapchat: Face Swap

One of a many renouned filters right now is Face Swap, which, we guessed it, swaps faces. You can find out accurately how to use Face Swap here.

How to use new Snapchat: Story replies

An constituent partial of the Snapchat knowledge is a Snapchat Story, that displays a collection of videos and photos you’ve taken over a duration of 24 hours, and can be noticed (and replayed) by friends. With a latest update, Stories automatically allege definition you’ll pierce true on to a subsequent story in your contacts list once a initial is finished.

But what if we wish to respond to a specific Snapchat among a collection of videos and photos in your friends Story?

With a latest update, Snapchat has strictly combined story replies. When examination a friends (no doubt hilarious) Snapchat story, we can respond to a specific print or video by swiping adult from a bottom of a display, opening a new discuss window. Simply form your message, strike send, and your crony will recieve a message along with a image of a photo/video you’re replying to. Not a many groundbreaking further ever, though it should make replying to Snapchat Stories a small bit easier in future!

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How to use new Snapchat: Slo-mo and rewind filters

After we fire a video in a latest version of a app, simply appropriate left or right until we see 3 arrows (rewind) or a snail pitch (slo-mo). The rewind filter is useful if we wish to make ‘magic’ effects such as unfit catches (since you’re indeed throwing something divided from you).

Snapchat slo-mo rewind filters

How to use new Snapchat: Force Touch

Force Touch formation is now flattering basic. You press tough on a Snapchat idol and get options to start a new discuss or supplement a new friend.

Snapchat Force Touch

How to use new Snapchat: New lenses

In a prior chronicle ( on 16 September) Snapchat combined new lenses. The app does advise that this is usually accessible on ‘newer Android devices’. See also: Snapchat users get new year hack: 4.6 million phone numbers revealed.

Open a app and make certain your front facing-camera is active. Now prolonged press a shade on your face to bucket a lenses. You can corkscrew horizontally by them and for many you’ll need to follow an instruction for it to work scrupulously such as opening your mouth or lifting your eyebrows.

Snapchat lenses

How to use new Snapchat: Purchase additional replays (in-app purchases)

It usually accessible for US Snapchatters for now, though now there’s an choice to squeeze additional replays if we usually can’t bear to demeanour during some snaps usually once. Prices start during 3 replays for $0.99.

Snapchat said: “You can use a Replay on any Snap we receive, though we can usually Replay any Snap once. They’re a small pricey — though time is money! ;)”

How to use new Snapchat: Trophies

Swipe down from a categorical shade to move adult your personal Snapchat formula and you’ll see a new prize idol above it. Tap it and you’ll see what trophies you’ve managed to clear – they’re fundamentally achievements like we get on mechanism games.

At a time of essay there are 16 to clear and we’ve usually managed a initial one (reaching a measure of 500) so we improved go send some some-more snaps. Tapping a sealed ones simply displays doubt outlines so you’ll have to work out how to clear them.

Snapchat trophies

How to use new Snapchat: How to skip a story or snap

If you’ve had mixed snaps from a same contact, or what to perspective someone’s story though it holding perpetually we can skip any print or video whenever you’re ready. When you’re holding one finger on a shade to perspective a snap, simply daub anywhere else with another finger to skip to a subsequent one.

How to use new Snapchat: How to video call in SnapChat

If we imagination chatting to a friend, appropriate right on their name in your Snapchat inbox to begin. When we leave a discuss screen, messages noticed by both we and your crony will be cleared.

The app will forewarn we if your crony is online when chatting, and if you’re both chatting during a same time we elementary have to press and reason to share live video.

How to use new Snapchat: Filters

In identical conform to Instagram, Snapchat has filters that we can supplement to your photos. However, they’re not switched on by default so here’s how to switch on filters in Snapchat.

Once you’ve taken a photo, elementary appropriate left or right and you’ll see a summary that says ‘turn on filters’. Click a ‘I wish filters’ pitch during a bottom of a screen. This will take we to a ‘additional services’ partial of a settings menu where we can parasite a filters box. Note that you’ll need to capacitate plcae to be means to switch them on and for some to work properly.

How to use new Snapchat filters

How to use new Snapchat: Replays

In a same ‘additional services’ settings (swipe left from categorical screen, strike spoke circle and name conduct underneath additional services) we can switch on replay. Once you’ve switched it on, we can replay one snap each 24 hours.

Permission for others to replay your snaps is there by default and can’t be switched off.

How to use new Snapchat: Front confronting flash

You’re substantially regulating Snapchat to send selfies to other users though if you’re in a dim afterwards it’s your back camera that has a flash. Well we can now switch on front confronting peep in a additional services menu.

This turns your shade white to yield some additional light for your print when we take it. You can spin a front peep on and off in a top-left of a screen.

How to use new Snapchat: Special text

if we like adding captions to your snaps afterwards switch on ‘special text’ in, you’ve theory it, a additional services menu. Now when we supplement a caption, there’s a ‘T’ during a tip of a shade that we can daub to change a look.

How to use new Snapchat: Number of best friends

While you’re in a additional services menu, we can tweak how many friends seem in your best friends menu. Simply name it in a menu and select how many we wish it to be. There’s a limit of 7 – we’re not certain why.

How to use new Snapchat best friends

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