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How to use Facebook Reactions: How to conflict on Facebook

Yesterday we reported that Facebook had rolled out a Reactions feature, that lets we use new buttons for Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry for when a Like only doesn’t cut it. Here’s how to use new Facebook Reactions – and how to get them if we don’t see them. (Learn because Facebook Reactions are important, and why a elementary Dislike symbol would be such a bad idea.)

How to use Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions work in accurately a same approach as a Like symbol used to, that is both good and bad. Also see: Best Facebook tips and tricks

The good: They’re elementary to use. You daub on a Like symbol to entrance Reactions, and if we after change your mind we can daub on it again to remember your support. Facebook will uncover a 3 many renouned Reactions underneath any post.

It’s now most easier to work out what to do when we wish to uncover support for a post though don’t wish to seem crass. For example, you’re not unequivocally happy that your best friend’s cat has died – are you? Now we can select another Reaction (we suggest a Sad button).

The bad: If we uncover consolation with a lot of unfortunate posts or demonstrate your annoy during a lot of unfortunate posts, you’ll see some-more of that form of calm in your News Feed in a same approach that Facebook will uncover we some-more of a arrange of posts we Like.

How to use Facebook Reactions on a laptop or PC

Facebook Reactions browser

Facebook has already rolled out Reactions to a web, so we shouldn’t need to do anything special before we can use it.

Open Facebook in your web browser and find a post you’d like to demonstrate some arrange of view with. Hold a rodent cursor over a Like symbol and 6 Reactions will cocktail up. Choose a one that best fits your reaction: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. Also see: How to stop Facebook automatically personification videos.

How to use Facebook Reactions on a phone or tablet

Facebook Reactions mobile

Facebook has also rolled out Reactions to Android and iOS, and if we aren’t nonetheless means to entrance a underline we should make certain we are regulating a latest chronicle of a app – check either an refurbish is accessible during a App Store or Google Play.

If we are regulating a latest chronicle and still can’t see Reactions, try shutting and reopening a Facebook app.

On an iPhone or iPad we can double-tap a Home symbol to move adult your open apps, afterwards appropriate a Facebook app adult off a tip of a shade to tighten it. Now relaunch a Facebook app from a Home screen.

On an Android phone or tablet, move adult your multitasking menu (which is achieved by dire or long-pressing one of a 3 buttons underneath a shade – in a box of a Samsung Galaxy S6 we daub a symbol to a left of a Home button) and appropriate a Facebook app off a side of a screen. Now relaunch Facebook in a common way.

To supplement a Reaction to a Facebook post, again find one we wish to demonstrate some arrange of view toward, afterwards daub and reason a Like button. The same 6 Reactions will cocktail up, and we simply daub a one that suits. If we simply daub a Like symbol it acts a same as before, and you’ll merely Like that post.

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