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How to use Alexa on HTC U11, no hands required

Alexa, accommodate Android. While HTC U11 owners have famous Amazon’s AI partner was on a approach ever given a phone launched behind in May, they can now finally implement Amazon’s AI partner on their phones. And it’s already schooled a large new pretence for a second Android phone: voice recognition.

To get Alexa on a HTC U11, you’ll need to refurbish your complement to a latest chronicle (1.13.651.6) and download a app from a Play Store. It’s a small wily to find, though we can possibly follow this link or hunt for “HTC Alexa”—it should be a third or fourth result. Then, launch a app, pointer into your Amazon account, capacitate a microphone, recording, and plcae services, and Alexa will be prepared to go.

The impact on AI: Amazon is creation a vital pull to put Alexa within strech wherever we are. The Echo Look, Echo Show, Fire TV set, and Dash Wand have stretched a strech among Amazon customers, though a U11 represents a whole new game. By putting Alexa usually a arise word away, Amazon is staid to give Google Assistant a run for a money, and it could be a start of an all-out conflict on a smartphones.

Alexa everywhere

Unlike Alexa on a Huawei Mate 9 or a iPhone, we won’t need to manually launch a app any time we wish to use it. HTC has built a customary “Alexa” arise word into a U11, so interacting with it is usually like it is on your Echo or Dot. Say, “Alexa, what’s my peep briefing,” or “Alexa, what’s a weather,” and it’ll respond accordingly.

Additionally, we can set Alexa to launch by regulating Edge Sense, so we usually need to fist a phone to activate it. The U11’s singular underline lets we launch apps and actions by physically squeezing a of your phone, and we can set adult that by-pass in possibly a HTC Alexa app or a phone’s Edge Sense settings.

Familiar voice

Alexa’s interface consists of small some-more than a little window that pops adult during a bottom of a screen. A settings menu lets we invalidate a trigger word, set adult aforementioned Edge Sense, and switch accounts, though for many things you’ll need to conduct over to a apart Amazon Alexa app, where you’ll see “HTC Alexa” listed as one of your devices.

Inside you’ll get a customary non-Echo customization options, including a ability to change your plcae and time zone, switch to a metric complement for a heat and units, and spin on Do Not Disturb.

And any skills you’ve enabled will be now incorporated into HTC Alexa as well, including your intelligent devices, peep briefing, recipes, games, and trade reports. You can also supplement things to your Alexa selling list and place orders by

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