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How to spin iOS into Android: Give your iPhone an Android themed makeover

The iPhone is arguably one of a many renouned smartphones on a market, with some-more and some-more Android users determining to make a switch to iOS. However, as we all know, iOS and Android are dual totally opposite handling systems that demeanour and perform totally differently, and a change might be formidable for Android users. However, we’ve found a approach for iPhone users to spin iOS into Android finish with close shade widgets, a redesigned presentation core and of course, a Android behind button. Read next: How to download YouTube videos on an iPhone or iPad

How to spin iOS into Android: Andrios

So, how can we spin iOS into Android? While there is no approach of strictly (or unofficially for that matter) bucket a Android handling complement onto an iOS device, yet there is something we can do to shower Android-y integrity on your iPhone. It’s called Andrios, a jailbreak tweak that was launched behind in May 2015 to utterly a bit of hype. Why? Because it radically turns your iPhone into an Android device finish with Lockscreen widgets, a redesigned Notification Centre and more. You can still entrance all your iOS apps and facilities though, as Andrios is usually a ‘theme’ radically and all a center workings of iOS are still present.

So, what’s so good about Andrios? For a starter, it brings a Android presentation core to iOS finish with toggles to critical settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Volume, Airplane mode, etc. while also redesigning a volume slider menu to enclose a song bar, hunt bar, and volume controller.

It also offers a Android Action Bar containing back, home and app switcher buttons for a ultimate Android experience. Users can switch to a formerly used app by drumming on a behind symbol while a center (home) symbol offers a program homogeneous of Apple’s home button, returning users to a categorical iOS interface. The app switcher symbol will, of course, take we to a app switching menu, and holding a symbol will transparent all open apps.

Andrios also offers a ability to supplement widgets to your iOS close screen, nonetheless we’re not utterly certain where a widgets would come from as no iOS app will strictly yield close shade widgets. So, how do we get this thesis and request it to your iPhone? Carry on reading to find out.

Before we go any serve we should discuss that as Andrios is a jailbreak tweak, it might not be 100 percent bug-free as distinct with a App Store, apps don’t need capitulation before being listed.

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How to spin iOS into Android

Step 1) The initial step is to jailbreak your iPhone, that isn’t a easiest thing to do – generally as there is no stream jailbreak for iOS 9.3 (although one has been teased so fingers crossed!). This means that unless your phone is already jailbroken or you’re using a chronicle of iOS that can be jailbroken, you’re out of luck. For some-more information on jailbreaking, take a demeanour during a sister site Macworld UK’s ultimate ‘how to jailbreak’ guide.

Step 2) The subsequent step is to open Cydia (the jailbroken App Store) and hunt for a tweak discussed above, Andrios. Once you’ve found a tweak, buy it (It’s adult for $3.99 during a time of writing) and wait for it to be downloaded. Depending on your setup this might need Winterboard, a thesis app for jailbroken devices.

Step 3) Once Andrios has been installed, your iPhone will automatically respring and a outcome should be applied. If it hasn’t been automatically applied, conduct to a Winterboard app, name a Andrios thesis and request it. Your iPhone should again respring and a thesis should afterwards be applied.

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