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How to print from your phone: Best Polaroid & instant printers 2016 UK

Fujifilm’s Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 is one of the better-known instant printers that let you bypass a PC and print Polaroid-style images directly from your smartphone. You simply connect to it using Wi-Fi as if it were a wireless router. Also see: Best Christmas 2015 tech gifts.

The instax Share is available from Amazon UK for £108.99, or you can buy it in a bundle with 10- (£124.99) or 20 shots (£144.95). When the photo paper runs out, current Amazon UK pricing is 10 ‘Mini sheets for £12.89 and 10 ‘Wide’ sheets for £9.95, or twin bundles for £14.49 and £13.99 respectively. You can choose from a variety of templates, from standard White to Candy Pop, Comic, Dalmatian, Rainbow, Shiny Star, Stained Glass and Wedding.

As with the original Polaroid cameras on which the idea is based, this means each photo is reasonably expensive – your cheapest option (the 20x Wide) works out at 70p per photo. At least with these type of instant printers you get to choose only your favourite pictures, rather than snapping away and hoping the results are decent.

As well discover in the following slides, there are cheaper instant printers. However, what we particularly like about the instax Share is the various templates that let you add captions with a seasonal message (such as happy birthday) or the time and date, weather or even an Instagram or Facebook status.

Printing from your smartphone with the instax Share printer is easy – you simply download the free app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, choose an image from your photo gallery or social media, add a template and edit as required, then hit print!

The instax Share is easily portable at 101.6x42x122.5mm and 253g. It requires two CR2 batteries that should be good for around 100 shots, or you can run it from a mains adaptor (although one is not supplied). LEDs at the front let you see at a glance when you’re running low on power or paper.

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