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How to emanate an automatically updating Google spreadsheet

Ideally, it would be best to use a Twitter API to lift in this data. However, to use a Twitter API, or any other API that requires authorisation for use, you’d need to set adult OAuth2 authorisation for your spreadsheet. That’s a bit outward a range of this tutorial; though if you’re interested, Google has an Oauth2 library for Google Apps Script.

Since we don’t have space to embody these instructions, I’ll take an easier approach out and remove series of supporters from a Web Intent page. Google Sheet’s IMPORTXML duty lets we remove specific HTML regulating XPath queries.

XPath is a sincerely formidable denunciation to learn, though SelectorGadget creates it easy to point-and-click your approach to anticipating XPath for specific information on an HTML page.

This is what SelectorGadget shows for an XPath query: //*[contains(concat( " ", @class, " " ), concat( " ", "count", " " ))]//*[contains(concat( " ", @class, " " ), concat( " ", "alternate-context", " " ))]. However, since a Google Sheets duty uses double selection outlines to hang arguments, you’ll initial need to change all of a XPath double quotes to singular quotes, and afterwards enter a regulation like this for your supporters column:

=ImportXML(B2, "//dl[(((count(preceding-sibling::*) + 1) = 1) and parent::*)]//*[contains(concat( ' ', @class, ' ' ), concat( ' ', 'alternate-context', ' ' ))]")

Again, click-and-drag that down a rest of your column.

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