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How to configure your Chromebook for ultimate security

A Chromebook is already an ultra-secure mechanism true out of a box. Because it doesn’t run a normal handling complement and takes advantage of several Google-powered confidence measures, Chrome OS is well-guarded opposite a evils sneaking out there on a web.

But we can always do more, quite if we wish to minimize traces of your Internet wanderings, or forestall your any online movement from contributing to an promotion profile.

You might share a Chromebook with others or enterprise a setup that’s cool to a latest confidence threats. Perhaps it’s time for a small de-Googling in your life, as a Mountain View hulk can collect a lot of information about you.

Whatever your reasons, here are some ways to waken your Chromebook’s confidence structure.

Own your Google security

Chrome OS advantages from Google’s ongoing confidence efforts to brand antagonistic websites and sandbox any browser add-on so one site can’t take down your whole computer.

Good confidence starts with we and how we conduct your possess data. In this case, it means ensuring that you’ve scrupulously cumulative your possess Google account. Because it’s a vital embankment to your Chromebook, we should have a plain cue and use Google’s two-factor authentication. This generates a content summary or a formula by a Google Authenticator app that is compulsory for any new login.

In your Chromebook settings, we can tweak a series of opposite features. For limit security, shorten sign-in to only your comment (below).


Your Chromebook gives we finish control over who can be postulated access.

This means no one else can pointer in and use your Chromebook. Nosy kin or trespasser girl will be denied during any turn. 

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