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How to buy flowers online: Cheap Mother’s Day flowers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday 6 Mar 2016 in a UK, and your life will be on a line if we forget it. Here’s how to buy your silent some flowers online, and save yourself some income during a same time – now you’ve no excuse. Also see: How to make personalised cards online.

• Open your web browser and hunt for ‘flowers’. There are loads of choices, from Interflora and Serenata Flowers to eFlorist, Bunches, MS, Next Flowers and even The latter competence be a good choice if we wish to send a personalised label during a same time, though we can name whichever site we fancy.

• We’ve left with Serenata Flowers since we’ve used it before, and since it has some good deals forward of Mother’s Day – generally with a 15% document formula we found online. (Don’t worry, your silent doesn’t know that.)

Serenata Flowers

• Choose a website and demeanour during a bouquets on offer. If we don’t know anything about selecting flowers, play it protected and go for one of a bestsellers. For example, Serenata Flowers is charity Aztec Sun as a bestseller during £19.99 with £10 off.

• Once you’ve selected a garland of flowers, only click on it to go to a product page. Now name what distance garland we want: Standard, Deluxe or Supersize. You’ll have to compensate a small some-more to get a bigger garland – a Aztec Sun costs £24.98 for Deluxe or £29.98 for Supersize.

Aztec Sun

• If we wish to send a teddy, balloon, box of chocolates, vase or other with your flowers, name an object subsequent your choice of fragrance size.


• Now name a date for your delivery. Right now Serenata Flowers is charity giveaway smoothness by DPD on Sunday 6 March, definition your flowers will arrive between 8am and 6pm, and you’ll be sensitive of a one-hour smoothness container nearer a time.

• When you’re happy with your choices name Order Now.

• If we didn’t name an additional present along with a flowers, you’ll be stirred to do so now. You can name one of a options if we wish to, or to skip only corkscrew down and name ‘Continue to checkout’.

• On a subsequent shade enter your name, email residence and phone number, and an check address. Note that this is your billing address, and not your mum’s address. Click ‘Continue to Recipient Details’ when you’ve finished so.


• Now enter your mother’s name, her residence sum (or parasite a box that says ‘Same smoothness residence as my check address’ if we live with her), a smoothness instructions, arise and name that label we would like to send with a flowers – there is a giveaway option, though it we wish a specific Mother’s Day label it’ll supplement £2.99 to a price.


• Lastly, remember to supplement a present summary in a bottom margin so she knows who they are from – we have adult to 350 characters in that to do so.

Card, present message

• When you’re done, click ‘Continue to Payment Details’.

• Before we buy anything online it’s a good thought to hunt for document codes online. We found a 15% off document for Serenata Flowers regulating a formula Mday2016FL, that is current until Sunday. To enter your document formula click a document formula couple underneath your sequence sum on a right side of a screen.

• Serenata Flowers accepts remuneration by Visa Electron, Switch, Solo, Mastercard and Maestro. Enter your label number, expiry date and confidence code, afterwards click Pay. You should get an email receipt within a few minutes. And that’s it – easy!

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