Saturday , 24 March 2018
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How this year’s tech IPOs have fared so far

Blue Apron has finally left public, and we’re during about a median indicate of a year. We’ve seen a lot of IPOs for a initial half of 2017, that followed a outrageous drought final year.

All this started when Snap non-stop adult a supposed “IPO window” when it finished a entrance with a bang, popping a normally-expected 20% or so on a initial day of trading. But given then, Snap’s has depressed on a face after a bad initial gain showing. And with Blue Apron going open yesterday during what amounts to a down round, we’re now entering a duration of doubt as to either or not we’ll see another large call of IPOs in a behind half of a year.

So, let’s examination how this year’s tech IPOs have finished so far!

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