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How many iPhones did Apple sell each second?

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Apple sole 77.3 million iPhones over a final quarter. That’s a lot of iPhones. So many that utterly a few people have pronounced that they only can’t get their heads around it.

Let’s mangle it down.

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That means that for a 91 days that spanned a entertain Apple sole 849,450 iPhones a day, or 35,393 any hour, or 590 any minute. That works out during roughly 10 iPhones sole a second, for any second during that 91-day period. And remember that any of those iPhones sole for an normal of $796.

Assuming that any boxed iPhone weighs approximately 500g, give or take, that’s around 39,000 metric tons of iPhones, that is a homogeneous of 630 Abrams M1A2 conflict tanks.

That’s a lot of product to change in small over 3 months. And remember, a components for these have to be shipped to a public plants, assembled, and afterwards shipped out around a world.

iPhones are shipped out of a public factories by FedEx regulating Boeing 777 freighters, any of that can lift 100 metric tons. Doing a math that means it takes roughly 400 flights over that three-month duration to change a iPhones.

And remember we’re only articulate about a singular product line, and it doesn’t embody iPads or MacBooks or iMacs or anything else that Apple sells.

And any iPhone ships with EarPods, a informal charger, a Lighting cable, and a pamphlet which, well, I’m not certain what’s in a pamphlet given we don’t consider I’ve ever review it (who has time for that, am we right?).

Think 77 million is a lot? Consider that given a recover Apple has manufactured, shipped, and sole good over a billion iPhones. The scale of a supply sequence and placement network, not to discuss a assembly, contrast and peculiarity control, for so many handsets is truly mind-boggling.

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